08 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 8

Favourite exercise types.

I had to Google Day 8 because I wasn't entirely sure what Day 8 was getting at. Favourite exercise types? Does that mean muscle groups or exercise routine? Typing in "Favourite Exercise Types" gave me routines with varied intensities. Searching for "Exercise Types" gave me multiple results with the same aerobic, stretching or strengthening categories. My last attempt of typing in "30 Days of Fitness" gave me every sort of 30 Day Meal and Diet plan you could think of... Seriously, no one lse has done the 30 Days of Fitness meme?

Based on simplicity, I went with choosing my favourite out of the "exercise types" search and decided on aerobic. Swimming and running in particular.

And here are my 8 reasons why:
  • They're rhythmic. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a varied exercise routine that includes classes or lifting metal rods and plates around. But none of them quite have that rhythm, and therefore, don’t have the potential to let me shut my brain off. My body knows what it’s doing with running and swimming so I don’t have to use quite so much brain power as I do when I’m at work, writing, or socializing. I also make important life decisions, like how to end world hunger or how to put an amazing outfit together. It’s like, when my body is busy doing the same thing over and over again, my mind lets all sorts of subconscious thoughts surface. Or maybe that’s just me.
  • You can set the difficulty of the exercise. Just because I schedule my exercise so I make sure to get it done doesn’t mean I’m any keener to do it. Some days are worse than others so those are the days I slow my pace down or pick an easier route to run. I won’t get stronger, faster, or better, but the point is that I’m exercising.
  • Burns a lot of calories and boosts metabolism. I’ve lost count of all the fitness magazines, health articles, and fitspo blogs I’ve come across that cite this regularly. However, in my own personal experience I have never kept weight off as easily as when I started running. It could be considered vain, but that’s the reason why I’ve kept at the running instead of trying to, say, become proficient in lawn bowling. 
  • Better mood. So far I have never met a person who is a misery guts after exercise. Granted, rainy weather or a cold pool temperature would leave anybody dragging their moody pants behind them, but once anybody is finished it’s like a sign is floating above their head in a video game stating their latest accomplishment: Ran 4 miles at a pace of 9:22 min/mi in pouring rain. Couple accomplishment with endorphins and I’d like to know how anyone wouldn’t have discarded their moody pants.
  • Switching between the two is like active recovery. A personal training method for me: when I swim it’s mainly free style and I’m almost exclusively using my arms. When I run the next day, I don’t use my arms, giving me a simultaneous work out and recovery. Why work harder when you can work smarter? 
  • Obvious health benefits of exercise. Again, any fitness magazine or website will have a list of reasons to exercise and how it's good for your health: SHAPE magazine, the Mayo Clinic, and Women's Health Magazine are a few to browse.
  • It's cheap. Granted, anything you do will have some cost, but the start up cost is relatively low. Once you have your pair of runners what's to stop you from walking or running daily? Some fitspo blogs like to cite that it's also cheaper than paying for therapy.
  • You'll be prepared for a zombie invasion. It's last because it's the most important reason. You always have to be prepared! 
 Speaking of zombies, I've been meaning to try that zombie running app. Has anyone tried that yet?

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