27 September 2012

30 Ddays of Fitness - Day 27

How do you handle temptation?

It's a very situational sort of question for me. At home and grocery shopping I'm pretty good at not having something or not indulging.

If I'm on a road trip and haven't thought about what I'm going to pick up for food, or haven't packed it myself, there's a 50/50 chance I'm going to pick up something terrible. I mean, it's a roadtrip, adventure, fun, it's a good opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. Of course, that doesn't work so well with your diet if you do a lot of road trips...

If I go to a restaurant, all bets are off. I give consideration to the fact that I shouldn't eat gluten, but if it's deep fried or sugary, it's mine. All I can say, it's a good thing I don't go out to eat very often.


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  1. Road trips are the worst for temptation. Wonder why? I'm usually good at home, but just give me an excuse. :) Sometimes temptation is good, right?

    1. Haha, definitely good at the time! :3