10 October 2012

Blogilates Workout Calenders

If you've been following my Twitter you've noticed that I retweet or just simply tweet a lot of Cassie Ho's YouTube workouts, particularly this month. I stumbled on her YouTube channel in July when Women's Health hosted a 30 days ab challenge. She had posted an ab workout with the hashtag and after I did the first video I was hooked.

Not because of music or the commentary during the videos, mind you, but because of the creative body weight workouts that she has a whole library of. While I was in Germany and had no access to a gym, I was able to complete full body workouts. They're divided into upper and lower body, cardio, challenges, and so forth and you could go through them all day if you wanted to.

The only downside is that the workouts are not geared towards beginners, especially the latest ones. In her earlier videos Cassie does mention variations, but with her enthusiasm somehow gets you to try the hardest ones.

She has a whole blog dedicated to clean eating, exercising, and her fashion line, but I'm the biggest fan of her workout calenders. To access them you need to join her mailing list where she sends you the passwords, but once you've got them you're off to the races. My favourite calender so far is October because of the simplicity: you just do all of the videos listed for each day.

Three months of messing around.

I have to admit, though, that I don't do the videos exactly when I'm supposed to. With Tae Kwon Do training and the running and other strength training I do, I typically use Blogilates for supplemental exercises and inspiration. The only workout classes offered around here for reasonable is Zumba (we've talked about this one before) so the Pilates ab exercises that Cassie does are wonderful, just the challenge I need. I've really enjoyed some of her HIIT videos when I don't really feel like leaving the house for cardio. I don't like all of her videos, however, as an example I really dislike her "Gangnam Style" cardio video.

Overall, they're workouts I'll keep trying to do because they're challenging and who doesn't like a challenge?  I can even admit that some of my new tone, exercise regime, and inspiration is because of Blogilates though I can appreciate it's not everybody's cup of tea.

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