12 October 2012

Carolynne Poole

I'm a fan.

Doesn't she just look like a country star?

For those people who don't know who Carolynne Poole is, she was one of X-Factor's Finalists in the UK and was voted off, essentially, last Sunday. She was in the bottom two and had a sing off with another competitor, Rylan Clark. The judges were supposed to decide, based on that performance, who should stay on the X-Factor, or who should stay. One of the judges, Louis Walsh, changed his mind, and it went to a Deadlock and it was discovered the Carolynne got the lowest number of votes of all the contestants. There was a mass outrage on Twitter, with over 650,000 tweets on the subject, and even rumours of a fixed decision to further the controversy.

I'm not one to bring up reality television programming, or talent contests, because I tend not to watch them. But there is something massive to be learned from this: even though you have the talent, it's not guaranteed to make you successful. Even though you've worked hard and poured your blood, sweat, and tears into something that you're good at and that you love, doesn't mean you're guaranteed a spot at the top.

I don't think I'm off the mark if I say that a lot of people are aware of this, particularly in the self-publishing and self-creating circle of bloggers that I have stumbled upon in the last couple of years. But it's one thing to read another person's blog, it's another to watch it on live television. You can't help but feel for someone like Carolynne Poole, and you can't help but feel that it's so unfair.

What would be the right words to say to somebody that got one step closer but again didn't make it? I don't think even a cup of tea could fix it that. My hope is that if you feel like you're meant to do something, have the faith to keep going.



  1. Excellent post, and so true. Talent means nothing without the drive to keep working towards your goal.

    I have loved Carolynne since Fame Academy, so Saturday night's insanity still irks me, almost a week later lol!

    1. Fame academy is a UK thing? Haha, I've never heard of it before.

      If the tweets on Twitter have anything to indicate, I don't think anybody will be happy how X-Factor turns out, lol.