01 October 2012

Proper Goal Update - Part 1

I'm finally getting around to doing a proper goal update. It's been a long time since I did one because of the Meme's and series of Questions I've completed.

Also because it's October and I only have 12 weeks left to complete as many things as possible. Ah, that doesn't sound like me at all, does it?

1. No Donuts for Another year.
I've done well on this, especially since last week was 1000 days donut free. I don't have photographic evidence of that day sadly, so you'll have to settle for this.

Because 999 has way more swag than 1000.

2. Only drink diet pop or low sugar juice.
Done well on this as well. Except for that one time I drank a lot of Screwdrivers in February...

3. Run at least twice a week. 
This has been a hit and a miss this year. Some months I have done really well, and other months have been quite crap, even though there's been little reason for it. It all becomes very apparent when there's a devise that will record your every run, distance, and pace. Not to pimp out Nike+ gear, because I know there is plenty of other sports gear that does the same job (Addidas a thing, RunKeeper, and so forth), but it's really helped me realize patterns and trends, as well as point out my accomplishments, such as fastest miles.

Looking back over the course of this year I've definitely done better than 2011, but my average still isn't a solid twice times a week running. I've got three months to get it up there. I can do it!

This is seriously, the most fit I've ever been in my life.

4. Continue logging into MyFitnessPal.
Essentially, keep on counting calories (Again, not pimping MFP, many other calorie counters out there). I made this a goal because only by counting calories, carbs, and grams of fat, I manage to keep my weight at a steady level.

Over the last two months I've done really well even though the year has been a hit and a miss. Counting calories does get a bit tedious, especially when I eat the same breakfast, or I've thrown together a casserole with a bunch of left overs. I just need to keep this up until the year ends. Go me!

5. Participate in a half-marathon
Sadly, this is not going to happen this year. I gave up on the one in May because I had a lot on my plate. As much as I still would like to do this in the next while, I need to be focusing my energies on other things. I've recently started up Taekwon Do training again, and while I'm still running regularly, I am really enjoying the training again.

And I can't wait until the blisters stop appearing and my skin gets tough, like the rest of me. 

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