02 October 2012

Proper Goal Update - Part 2

I was going to do all my goal updates in one post, but then it got ridiculously lengthy and I know I'm already boring everybody to tears, so I didn't want to push my luck beyond that.

6. Don't Accumulate more than $250 on my credit card.
I've done well with this, and I can probably say that this goal is complete. I know, I know, there are still three months left and can easily make some large purchases. In my defense, whatever I've bought with my card I've paid off immediately. No problem here and safe to say if I haven't been crazy with this card already it's not likely to happen in the next three months.

7. Get a job while in the UK
Still working on this. I'm not registered as a nurse yet, and that will take some time yet. Granted I could get a simple shelf-stocking job or something, but I shouldn't get distracted by wanting more money. I need to focus all my energy into getting registered, then the job will take care of itself.

8. Learn how to use public transit in the UK
This one has been hard to judge since I haven't needed to go anywhere and, let's face it, it's pretty boring to just hop on a bus and go somewhere. But the few times I have used it I've had no trouble, in large part thanks to Google Maps. I know that there are few public transit systems that can match Germany's, but the one in the UK I find is far, far more confusing than Canada's even.

Using my phone for transit was almost this bad.
 There is seriously three levels of public transit in this county. If you go to another county then you have to transfer to another station, which also has three different levels minimum. They all run at different times, but the same route, which doesn't loop around or take the same way back that it came. There are no maps available so you somehow just have to know where all these little bus stops are and how they connect with each other.

Patience is a virtue, hahahahaha.....

9. Go on a zipline
Yeah, never managed to do this before leaving Canada... Will not likely happen while this year either in the UK.

Sad pants.

10. Spend a weekend in London, England
Due to time and life circumstances, spending a weekend here before next will also not likely happen.

More sad pants.

I would be filled with glee if I somehow acquired a pair of these.
Contradiction, I know.