03 October 2012

Proper Goal Update - Part 3

Guess what.

It's raining. Again.

It's also effing freezing.

I am one unhappy cat.

11. Do a walking pub tour of Belfast.
I am preparing to register myself for a nursing course so that I can get registered. It'll likely prevent me from completing this goal since it is a number of months long. More details on that to come, but in the mean I'm going to wear my grumpy pants.

I would also be filled with glee if I got this shirt.
A walking contradiction. Ha!

12. Work through "31 Days to Build A Better Blog"
I started this in August and I'm about halfway through. That sounds bad since it's set up to be completed in 31 days. But! The breaks I've taken were on purpose. I wanted to really take some time on some areas, such as layout, and look at other blogs and why I liked them or didn't like them. I have applied some small changes since starting and hope to make a few more so it's just a better blog all around. Feedback for this is always welcome, so don't be shy (even though I'm wearing my grumpy pants today)!

13. Complete 2 Blogging Memes
I struggled with this goal. I did the A to Z challenge in April, but that doesn't really count as a meme does it? It's a blogging challenge. Then I did the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind, and that was a series of really boring, introspective posts I did because it was a goal as well. September was probably the first proper meme I completed on this blog.

But it's October now and I have only 12 weeks to complete one more... I have one planned for November, but I'm still open to suggestions! Otherwise you'll have to suffer through something like the 50 Questions again, haha.


14. Complete one unfinished project.
Not complete yet, but the pressure is on to finish, especially since NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and that'll be a whole month of distraction. The project I'm hoping to complete is my Gargoyles fanfiction "Elisa's Thoughts". I know, out of all the projects I do this? The point is that I complete a project, and like I said last month, a novel just isn't in my card at the moment.

15. Shut off the computer every night before bed.
For a while I had a bad habit of leaving the computer on all day and all night... and I can't remember why. In any case, I don't do it anymore, so mission accomplished.