04 October 2012

Proper Goal Update - Part 4

Part four? When will it end?

16. Create a "to read" book list.
I started this a number of months ago, and then I don't know what happened to the list. I started it again in July, but then that disappeared too... I don't understand where I'm putting this list on my computer that it keeps going missing! Ah well, a work in progress.

17. Learn how to iron.
Haven't touched an iron this year yet.

18. Learn how to tie a tie.
Haven't touched a tie either.


19. Get registered with the NMC.
Still working on that. I finally got my application approved by the NMC, so now I must do a course before I can be properly registered. I don't think there's an exam, but so far the process has been long and vague, and will only be complete sometime in 2013.

Viva unemployment.

20. Participate in a workout class once a week, minimum.
Starting Taekwon Do again counts, yes? Does it count that I only started in September? Perhaps not. But it's a goal started and I just have to make sure I keep it up until the end of December. Which I think I will because I LOVE it, haha.


  1. After the other two pants guys, I thought I'd meet Mr. Smiley Pants in this post! LOL
    ... I don't know how to tie a tie either...

    1. I tried to incorporate Happy Pants somehow, but every image search came up with somewhat inappropriate pictures so I decided to give it a miss...