05 October 2012

Proper Goal Update - Part 5

You're back again? How wonderful!

Though, I'm sure I heard you mutter the words, paint dry or something.

These goals I inadvertently completed that weren't on my master list, but it still counts all the same. Especially since I didn't manage to complete so many of my intended goals.

21. Walk & Bike everywhere possible next summer.
Originally I listed this goal from a fitness stand point. Driving a car is definitely more convenient, but I always figured if you're able to spend 30 min getting to work and 30 min back you have already completed your workout for the day, thus making your day more organized! I actually don't know how feasible this is for a lot of people, especially the ones with a litter of children, but it worked well enough for me the last couple weeks of work.

I didn't have to try very hard after I moved to the UK to walk and bike everywhere. It was due to not feeling comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road. I opted to walk everywhere, and it was alright because everything is in walking distance.

22. Catch up on blog reading.
I always knew about RSS feeds and readers, but for whatever reason it took me until this September to set mine up and use it reguarly...


23. Follow the traditional anniversary gifts.
Last year was paper, this year was cotton. Clive got a shirt and I got an apron. It was cool.

24. Get a white board.
Best organizational tool ever.

Black: exercise, red: real life to-do, blue: writing to-do, and green: blogging to-do.

25. Start a herb garden.
I am so not a gardener. I don't' even have the basic knowledge of how to plant plants, flowers, or vegetables. So this was an experiment because I like being able to grab fresh herbs when I want without a huge cost. Tesco's sells plantable herbs too, so this sort of seemed to give me a kick start.

I've done well with chives, sage, and rosemary. But parsley and basil? Not so much. And basil's supposed to be an easy starter herb. Yeah right...

I wasn't smart enough to take the pictures the other way to show you the non-dying herbs.

Anybody else close to completing their goals? Or failed miserably?

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