29 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Scene 12

Last night was a writing write-off. I maybe wrote 1500 words.

It's certain I won't complete the word count before Friday night, however, I still push and see how far I get. I've also decided I'll finish my meme, just not in time for the end of the month. I still have a course to finish before December 6...

I'll write a feelings post about how gutted I am next week sometime. Right now, ass in chair and keep typing.

Scene 12 - Gun Fight Scene

We just have to make it through tonight… Maya thought, looking out her window and catching glimpses of her reflection.

She was almost surprised at the look of her face. It had narrowed considerably over the last year as she lost many pounds in fat and replacing them with several other pounds of muscle. She wore no make up now and the expression she carried seemed to be something she had only found on others faces: determination and focus had replaced anger or the blank stare she had typically carried before.

“You alright?” Noah asked, bringing Maya out of her thoughts.

“Yeah, you?” she replied, continuing to look out the window.

“You feel ok with the plan?”

“Yeah, but I still don’t’ like it.” Maya said, turning to face him.

“I know.”

“It won’t work.”

“It has to.”

Maya smiled, “It won’t work. And then we’ll resort to my plan in the end anyway. So relax.”

28 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Scene 11

Taekwon Do has taken 90% out of me today. I can't concentrate on writing today. It's all rubbish.

Scene 11 - Exploring a New Place
(If there's interest in having bigger snippets posted, please let me know!)

Allegra cleared her throat and both Eden and Maya turned to face her before she said, “Why don’t we try to make it to the point where we could go either way: onwards to the main objective or to the checkpoint. If nothing exciting’s happened then we keep pushing.” 

Eden and Maya eyes locked before Eden nodded and replied, “Sounds fair to me.”

“Me too.” Maya piped in. 

“Good.” Allegra confirmed.

“We’ll march at my pace.” Maya said before Eden could say anything further, but paused before asking, “So where are we going?”

I’m going to kill her if she gets us killed. Eden thought, shooting a glare in Maya’s general direction.

NaNoWriMo Scene 10

Last night I broke the 20k mark. I know I should be much, much further along, but this is a good start. I had a 5k day last night so I'm satisfied at the progress. I also should be a few scenes further, but Scene 9 ended up being far longer and more involved than many of the other scenes. Which is alright because I made word count. Scene 10 has become a nuisance so I'm struggling a bit with it, but I'll still leave a snippet here. We'll see how far I get today!

Scene 10 - The first kiss Scene

“You’ve only been here two weeks; you can’t possibly know what you’re capable of in two weeks. None of us were.” Angus had replied.

Leah hadn’t been satisfied with the answer but left the topic alone. She tried her best to work hard, pick up the skills, and be part of the team, but she simply couldn’t find the rhythm her other teammates had. Even annoying Hunter managed to fit in more than she. After six weeks Leah began to find it more and more difficult to get out of bed and initiated contact far less. Angus had remained consistently open with her, but she felt he always kept her at arm’s length as well, particularly after she had tried to kiss him a week previous.

27 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Just wanted to make a quick shout out to the people leaving comments and giving me support as I have only a few days left to see how far I get with NaNo 2012.

I'm still making strides forward and have made it to Day 9 of my meme!

Day 9 - The Villain Hostage Scene

“Hello?” he answered.

“Captain Sayers.” the voice on the other end said.

Noah stopped walking down the corridor. Nobody should be addressing him as such on his personal phone. 

“Who is this?” he asked.

“Your arch nemesis.” The voice replied.

“What do you want Achan?” Noah asked, almost sighing with irritation. 

“To hear you panic.” 

“I’m panicking.”

26 November 2012

Day 8

Good progress today, but still not enough to make up for lost time. But I'm still going to push to the end from now on. See how far I can get, because I want to finish this self-made meme and I'm kind of enjoying this story.

Day 8 - The Fantasy Scene
(I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this title...)

Sienna walked past the corridor where Achan was being held on her way to a briefing. She always found herself twisting her hair around her fingers like a school girl talking to the most popular guy in class every time she walked through here. Over the last week she also found herself twisting her hair at the most random moments throughout the day, thinking of Achan sitting next to her and smiling and being a wonderful man. Once she caught herself doing that, Sienna would immediately want to smash her head into the closest wall.

25 November 2012

Day 7 of NaNoWriMo

Why yes, I am catching up on my NaNoWriMo. What's that? I need to write 8k per day to finish on time?

...don't tell me that.

Day 7 - The Betrayal Scene

Noah sat down at the table, kitty corner to her seat at the end. He placed a tablet face up on the table and rubbed his forehead. Maya noticed that he looked tired with the darkened circles around his eyes and slightly drooping eye lids. It was the first time that Noah showed his age at 32.

“I was hoping you’d come over last night.” He said.

“Oh?” Maya replied, truly surprised. 

“You think I’m here early because I wanted to be? I knew you weren’t going to listen to me to not be here this morning.”

“I want to know what you found out about Allegra.”

“I know. I wanted to tell you in person, away from all of this.” Noah said, gesturing around the room with one hand.

“I don’t understand why. I mean, you told me we’re just supposed to be professionals from here on in.” Maya said, “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated that you let me come over the night… it all happened. But I thought it would still be like… this: we meet only at work and only talk about work stuff, you know?”

“I didn’t think you’d be so diligent about it.” 

“What? Noah, this is the messiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I just wanted to get away and never see you again after… that mess. I thought you felt the same, I mean, otherwise why would you keep me at a distance?"

24 November 2012

IM Inspiration

Just in case you were lacking inspiration. By "you", I mean me.

Terias McKlay says
how goes?

The Capillary says
Started watching PS I love you and started bawling

Terias McKlay says
Why would you do that to yourself?

The Capillary says
It was on after X-Factor
And now I'm all... emotional
Tell me something funny

Terias McKlay says
Past, preset and future all walked into a bar.
It was tense.


- - -

BitchyD says:
I'm going to kill my husband
Today is the day.

The Capillary says
Uhm, how is today any different than any other day?

BitchyD says:
He's flexing his biceps?
That he doesn't have....
And taking 20 sips of water instead of swallowing while drinking.
And he's humming.

The Capillary says
That seems like the most random things to want to kill a man for

BitchyD says:
When they are all happening right beside you, it seems legit.
At the same time. Happening at the same time.


23 November 2012

Black Friday Fridayness

The origins of the blog hop:

It's not often I use my mobile device for anything but being my mobile. I'm at home a lot so my computer handles what I can do on a tiny touch device much better. But then there are months where everything rapidly spirals out of control, even though your week or day started out well. Life happens.

So I can tell you the beginning of this post for the Black Friday blog hop is being written from my car, hiding out from the rain until my TKD instructor shows up to let me in.

Safe to say I am feeling a tad desperate at the moment.

Despite my proximity to the US Border growing up I didn't actually know what Black Friday was until I think a year or two ago when my sister in law, who goes down to shop in Havre two or three times a year, mentioned it and then proceeded to explain in. From the sounds of it, it's like Boxing Day shopping, but before Christmas.

I can see the attraction for Canadians to make it a long weekend, especially if they live close by to border towns. You get all the deals right when you need to, and I've seen the deals to be had. Fortunately Canada started offering deals for Black Friday on the same weekend? I was unsure of this when I started to hear more and more about this. I thought it was a good thing as a way to keep people spending money in their own country, you know, supporting your own economy. On the other hand, it's like Canada is becoming just a little more American.

Being in the UK I've had little idea "Black Friday" is happening. There isn't even a Thanksgiving to celebrate. Continuing along the thought of long weekends and holidays, people haven't really been getting ready for Christmas either. Granted, sometimes it would get to be a bit overwhelming, the holiday cheer getting thrown in your face, corporate attempts for you to appreciate the non material aspects of your life while they convince you to spend money on this or that because it supports one or the other, but it's also been one of the biggest reasons I've felt homesick the last week or so and haven't found the will to blog, write, or really socialise.

I mean, it's hard to imagine Christmas is comig up when the temperatures are above 0 consistently which takes away from the holiday feeling. But that's something I can live with. Until all my friends from the prairies started Instagramming pictures of the frozen landscape. I started to miss the snow shovelling, the cozy feeling of coming inside, the double-doubles, etc etc. Then I started to notice that there are no outside Christmas decorations up on anybody's house but mine.

But I digress. I'm actually quite happy not to partaking in Black Friday shenanigans if they're anything like Boxing day. I love to shop and grab a great deal on something essential and frivolous, but I also like my sanity. And with online shopping, you can have a little bit of both.  

(On a semi-unrelated note. I will get back to posting my 30 days of NaNo shortly. Life has been interesting the last couple weeks that I may or may not update about. But definitely the 30 days of NaNo. Soz!)

11 November 2012

Scene 6

Working on a self-directed course and trying to write a novel is slowly becoming one of my biggest motivational battles and time management challenges I have ever attempted.

If only this would help...

Scene 6: Realizing What's At Stake

Her boss looked at the stack of paper on his desk before he looked up at her and opened his mouth to speak, ”Maya, n—“

“I didn’t do it.” Maya interrupted.


“Whatever damage you’re going to tell me about. I didn’t do it.”

“Damage? What? No. That’s not why you’re here.” 

10 November 2012

Day 5

I'm at 8764 words at the moment, give or take a couple sentences. This week has been crazy with preparing for my course, going to my course, and then trying to do the work for my course. I'm still only on Scene 5 (aka. Day 5), but you know, despite the set backs, I'm still happy that I havent' given up and I'm still moving forward. Each scene has been more than 1700 words, so in the future, when (if) I catch up, I don't have to make sure every scene I write is 1667 words.

Thankfully, because I'm sure a first kiss or a gushy scene will have much effort put into it. Mushy, romantic moments are not my forte.

Stand offs on the other hand....


Scene 5 Excerpt

“I’m fairly certain your friends pried me from your friend.”

“Teammate. You killed the last friend I had.” 

“Is that so? I suppose that puts you into the 'failure at normal interaction' category that you were put into by your organization.” 

“The same category you were part of.”

“How do you know that?” Achan snapped.

“Oh please, I don’t study, can’t make it to class on time, I'm more likely than not inebriated, but I’m still not so dumb that I can’t see how similar we are. You know what could break me because it could break you. You and your overload boss tried to be sneaky about it, but you wanted me on your side, so I could be just like you: A multi-elemental.” Maya said inspecting her nails.

06 November 2012

Day 3 & 4

Perhaps you can guess from the title that I've basically been playing catch up, as today is Day 6 and I've only just completed Day 3, 4. A combination of real life events prevented me from writing on the weekend and on Monday.

Commence the catch up game.

Funny how sometimes you feel you've written your best work when you're under extra pressure, such as catching up, never mind just maintaining your daily word count targets. Not that I would ever encourage it, because it's mental, and you tend to put off everything that you should be doing just to spend one day catching up.

Then again, I could just be thinking that it's some of my best work. In which case, it may be a blessing that I'm only sharing snippets of what I've come up with.

Day 3, The Wedding Scene

The fabricated story of her death that was fed the media and her parents was a more tolerable lie in Eden’s eyes than coming home every day, pretending everything was alright and normal. It was tragic for her parents, and shocking, but Eden had decided that it was easier than lying straight to their faces.

So was it easier for you or for them? A niggling voice asked her. 

Eden quickly silenced it. She didn’t need the guilt to resurface at a time like this. She distracted herself by looking around the outdoor venue. She had been so excited to have a week off of training for the wedding and to be in Hawaii that she forgot to take in details. For a destination wedding it was a rather large and attending guest list, over a hundred people. The hotel had looked after the seating, the flowers, the decoration, and the following banquet. The bright yellow, orange and pink colours of the flowers had been integrated into every aspect of the wedding and it made Eden finally curious enough to wonder what Noah and his bride would be wearing. 

Day 4: Death of a Side Kick Scene

The rotting stench became stronger with each step she took. With her elbow she opened the door to Allegra’s bedroom: The bed was made, if a little ruffled. Maya suspected she may have read a book on it or had just briefly lay down if she had been feeling unwell. Just as Maya was going to turn around she noticed Allegra’s phone on the night stand beside her bed. 

Stepping carefully yet, Maya moved towards the phone. Using her long sleeved top, she pulled at it so it would cover her fingers as she operated the phone. One touch and the screen lit up: at least two dozen unanswered text messages, fifty-odd e-mails, and various other notifications popped up. The battery was on its last leg at fifteen percent power.