23 November 2012

Black Friday Fridayness

The origins of the blog hop:

It's not often I use my mobile device for anything but being my mobile. I'm at home a lot so my computer handles what I can do on a tiny touch device much better. But then there are months where everything rapidly spirals out of control, even though your week or day started out well. Life happens.

So I can tell you the beginning of this post for the Black Friday blog hop is being written from my car, hiding out from the rain until my TKD instructor shows up to let me in.

Safe to say I am feeling a tad desperate at the moment.

Despite my proximity to the US Border growing up I didn't actually know what Black Friday was until I think a year or two ago when my sister in law, who goes down to shop in Havre two or three times a year, mentioned it and then proceeded to explain in. From the sounds of it, it's like Boxing Day shopping, but before Christmas.

I can see the attraction for Canadians to make it a long weekend, especially if they live close by to border towns. You get all the deals right when you need to, and I've seen the deals to be had. Fortunately Canada started offering deals for Black Friday on the same weekend? I was unsure of this when I started to hear more and more about this. I thought it was a good thing as a way to keep people spending money in their own country, you know, supporting your own economy. On the other hand, it's like Canada is becoming just a little more American.

Being in the UK I've had little idea "Black Friday" is happening. There isn't even a Thanksgiving to celebrate. Continuing along the thought of long weekends and holidays, people haven't really been getting ready for Christmas either. Granted, sometimes it would get to be a bit overwhelming, the holiday cheer getting thrown in your face, corporate attempts for you to appreciate the non material aspects of your life while they convince you to spend money on this or that because it supports one or the other, but it's also been one of the biggest reasons I've felt homesick the last week or so and haven't found the will to blog, write, or really socialise.

I mean, it's hard to imagine Christmas is comig up when the temperatures are above 0 consistently which takes away from the holiday feeling. But that's something I can live with. Until all my friends from the prairies started Instagramming pictures of the frozen landscape. I started to miss the snow shovelling, the cozy feeling of coming inside, the double-doubles, etc etc. Then I started to notice that there are no outside Christmas decorations up on anybody's house but mine.

But I digress. I'm actually quite happy not to partaking in Black Friday shenanigans if they're anything like Boxing day. I love to shop and grab a great deal on something essential and frivolous, but I also like my sanity. And with online shopping, you can have a little bit of both.  

(On a semi-unrelated note. I will get back to posting my 30 days of NaNo shortly. Life has been interesting the last couple weeks that I may or may not update about. But definitely the 30 days of NaNo. Soz!)

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