06 November 2012

Day 3 & 4

Perhaps you can guess from the title that I've basically been playing catch up, as today is Day 6 and I've only just completed Day 3, 4. A combination of real life events prevented me from writing on the weekend and on Monday.

Commence the catch up game.

Funny how sometimes you feel you've written your best work when you're under extra pressure, such as catching up, never mind just maintaining your daily word count targets. Not that I would ever encourage it, because it's mental, and you tend to put off everything that you should be doing just to spend one day catching up.

Then again, I could just be thinking that it's some of my best work. In which case, it may be a blessing that I'm only sharing snippets of what I've come up with.

Day 3, The Wedding Scene

The fabricated story of her death that was fed the media and her parents was a more tolerable lie in Eden’s eyes than coming home every day, pretending everything was alright and normal. It was tragic for her parents, and shocking, but Eden had decided that it was easier than lying straight to their faces.

So was it easier for you or for them? A niggling voice asked her. 

Eden quickly silenced it. She didn’t need the guilt to resurface at a time like this. She distracted herself by looking around the outdoor venue. She had been so excited to have a week off of training for the wedding and to be in Hawaii that she forgot to take in details. For a destination wedding it was a rather large and attending guest list, over a hundred people. The hotel had looked after the seating, the flowers, the decoration, and the following banquet. The bright yellow, orange and pink colours of the flowers had been integrated into every aspect of the wedding and it made Eden finally curious enough to wonder what Noah and his bride would be wearing. 

Day 4: Death of a Side Kick Scene

The rotting stench became stronger with each step she took. With her elbow she opened the door to Allegra’s bedroom: The bed was made, if a little ruffled. Maya suspected she may have read a book on it or had just briefly lay down if she had been feeling unwell. Just as Maya was going to turn around she noticed Allegra’s phone on the night stand beside her bed. 

Stepping carefully yet, Maya moved towards the phone. Using her long sleeved top, she pulled at it so it would cover her fingers as she operated the phone. One touch and the screen lit up: at least two dozen unanswered text messages, fifty-odd e-mails, and various other notifications popped up. The battery was on its last leg at fifteen percent power.

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  1. Whooo! Keep going! And sometimes nnothing gets the creativitiy flowing better than desperation. :)