10 November 2012

Day 5

I'm at 8764 words at the moment, give or take a couple sentences. This week has been crazy with preparing for my course, going to my course, and then trying to do the work for my course. I'm still only on Scene 5 (aka. Day 5), but you know, despite the set backs, I'm still happy that I havent' given up and I'm still moving forward. Each scene has been more than 1700 words, so in the future, when (if) I catch up, I don't have to make sure every scene I write is 1667 words.

Thankfully, because I'm sure a first kiss or a gushy scene will have much effort put into it. Mushy, romantic moments are not my forte.

Stand offs on the other hand....


Scene 5 Excerpt

“I’m fairly certain your friends pried me from your friend.”

“Teammate. You killed the last friend I had.” 

“Is that so? I suppose that puts you into the 'failure at normal interaction' category that you were put into by your organization.” 

“The same category you were part of.”

“How do you know that?” Achan snapped.

“Oh please, I don’t study, can’t make it to class on time, I'm more likely than not inebriated, but I’m still not so dumb that I can’t see how similar we are. You know what could break me because it could break you. You and your overload boss tried to be sneaky about it, but you wanted me on your side, so I could be just like you: A multi-elemental.” Maya said inspecting her nails.

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