26 November 2012

Day 8

Good progress today, but still not enough to make up for lost time. But I'm still going to push to the end from now on. See how far I can get, because I want to finish this self-made meme and I'm kind of enjoying this story.

Day 8 - The Fantasy Scene
(I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this title...)

Sienna walked past the corridor where Achan was being held on her way to a briefing. She always found herself twisting her hair around her fingers like a school girl talking to the most popular guy in class every time she walked through here. Over the last week she also found herself twisting her hair at the most random moments throughout the day, thinking of Achan sitting next to her and smiling and being a wonderful man. Once she caught herself doing that, Sienna would immediately want to smash her head into the closest wall.


  1. I commend your efforts. I couldn't just pick a section of my novel and post it -- too many errors -- way too many!

    Keep at it -- your right, it is so worth it. Even the year I didn't finish, I still got a book out of it. Just the challenge of it is fun.