24 November 2012

IM Inspiration

Just in case you were lacking inspiration. By "you", I mean me.

Terias McKlay says
how goes?

The Capillary says
Started watching PS I love you and started bawling

Terias McKlay says
Why would you do that to yourself?

The Capillary says
It was on after X-Factor
And now I'm all... emotional
Tell me something funny

Terias McKlay says
Past, preset and future all walked into a bar.
It was tense.


- - -

BitchyD says:
I'm going to kill my husband
Today is the day.

The Capillary says
Uhm, how is today any different than any other day?

BitchyD says:
He's flexing his biceps?
That he doesn't have....
And taking 20 sips of water instead of swallowing while drinking.
And he's humming.

The Capillary says
That seems like the most random things to want to kill a man for

BitchyD says:
When they are all happening right beside you, it seems legit.
At the same time. Happening at the same time.


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