01 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 1 & Apologies

First off, let me apologize to those who hosted blog hops that I signed up for and ended up not participating in. I mentioned in my last post I was taking a week off, and promptly left the country. I had every intention of working on at least the blog hops while I was away, but alas, there were some family things that took precedence over blogging. But do check out Kyra Lennon's blog and all of the others who participated in her blog hop as well as the Spooktabular Blog Fest.

Secondly, thank you to everybody who commented and have become new followers of my blog. I always get extremely giddy when I see somebody new. I will also try to get around to commenting on everybody's post who commented here. Apologies if I don't get around to it soon!

And lastly, not to dwell on past failures, I'll be moving along to NaNo, where I've always had at least moderate success. Meaning I have finished the word count but never the actual novel... Ah, I'll make it a priority eventually. Back to the present, I stayed up until midnight to ring in NaNoWriMo this year because I want to make good on my NaNo Meme, writing totally out of order and not really having a plot in mind.

I managed to crack 1200 words before 1am. I had a couple of ginger beers so my mind started to wander around 1:30, but I did manage to close the morning with a healthy 1860 words before finally getting into my freezing bed at 2am. But as promised, a snippet of this morning's work.

Day 1: Ending Scene.

Not that Maya had been alone in saving the world. No, there were others who also participated in saving the world, and they were the heroes. But were they really? Right until the very end, the lines remained blurry between heroes and villains: there were those who wanted to save the world but were destined to destroy it, and then there were the ones who wanted to destroy the world and ended up saving it. Was this justice? Irony? A joke from some higher power?


  1. Very intriguing snippet. I quite like it. And here I go, as soon as I hit my actualy word count, writing a little something in the theme of your meme.