28 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Scene 10

Last night I broke the 20k mark. I know I should be much, much further along, but this is a good start. I had a 5k day last night so I'm satisfied at the progress. I also should be a few scenes further, but Scene 9 ended up being far longer and more involved than many of the other scenes. Which is alright because I made word count. Scene 10 has become a nuisance so I'm struggling a bit with it, but I'll still leave a snippet here. We'll see how far I get today!

Scene 10 - The first kiss Scene

“You’ve only been here two weeks; you can’t possibly know what you’re capable of in two weeks. None of us were.” Angus had replied.

Leah hadn’t been satisfied with the answer but left the topic alone. She tried her best to work hard, pick up the skills, and be part of the team, but she simply couldn’t find the rhythm her other teammates had. Even annoying Hunter managed to fit in more than she. After six weeks Leah began to find it more and more difficult to get out of bed and initiated contact far less. Angus had remained consistently open with her, but she felt he always kept her at arm’s length as well, particularly after she had tried to kiss him a week previous.

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