28 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Scene 11

Taekwon Do has taken 90% out of me today. I can't concentrate on writing today. It's all rubbish.

Scene 11 - Exploring a New Place
(If there's interest in having bigger snippets posted, please let me know!)

Allegra cleared her throat and both Eden and Maya turned to face her before she said, “Why don’t we try to make it to the point where we could go either way: onwards to the main objective or to the checkpoint. If nothing exciting’s happened then we keep pushing.” 

Eden and Maya eyes locked before Eden nodded and replied, “Sounds fair to me.”

“Me too.” Maya piped in. 

“Good.” Allegra confirmed.

“We’ll march at my pace.” Maya said before Eden could say anything further, but paused before asking, “So where are we going?”

I’m going to kill her if she gets us killed. Eden thought, shooting a glare in Maya’s general direction.

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  1. great! i would like to read more though...because it was good!