18 January 2013

200 Sit Ups

You know those days where you wake up hungover and think to yourself, "I must have had more than this last weekend and didn't feel nearly this bad."

This is one of those days.


I did manage to watch the BBC interpretation of "Sense & Sensibility" which I really, really enjoyed. I had seen snippets before and never realized it was a Jane Austen adaptation. I loved the fact that in "Pride & Prejudice" Penelope Wilton played the Aunt and in "Sense & Sensibility" Dan Stevens played the love interest. I kept thinking of Downton Abbey and yelling loudly at my screen, "It's cousin Mathew! It's Cousin Isobel!"

...It's like period actors are recycled, aren't they?

Yesterday I blogged about completing the 200 Squats programme. I'll just give a brief mention that I also completed the 200 Sit ups programme, level 2 and I have reset to week 5, level 3.

I was mentioning to the husband that I can feel my abs to which he only said "No wonder". But my body fat percentage is still too high for them to show. I know wine and gin aren't going to help me get them to show and I'm contemplating the pros and cons of going on a restrictive diet to make them show, even just for a day.

So far, there aren't enough pros.

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