17 January 2013

200 Squats

When I saw that Billie Piper was cast as Fanny Price from Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park" I had clashing visions of the pop star that I had been introduced to as a tween and Rose from Dr Who.

In retrospect, it seemed to be a precursor for her time spent on the Sci Fi series:

All I have to do is watch "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" to really have a jumble of images accost me all at once when someone says the name "Billie Piper".

Anyways, back to the goal I have accomplished, the 6 week 200 Squats programme. I'm pretty sure I set out to complete this about two years ago when I first heard of the 100 Push Ups programme.

Just a minute, let me start from the beginning. A couple of years ago, I wanted to become stronger, but I could barely manage to do more than a handful of full length body push ups. Naturally I turned to Google and found the programme for pushups (which I'm still working on...). Not long after programmes for 200 squats, 150 tricep dips, and 200 sit ups was also released and I thought, "Why not, if I do all the programmes back to back it's a work out!".

It's true, it is a good work out, especially when I'm traveling and don't' have any equipment with me. But when I do have access to the gym, I give this programme up. Which is silly because I've probably gotten stronger a lot faster just doing this body weight routine than I have with any routine at the gym.

I've completed level 1 of the training and I've reset the app to level 2, the beginning of week 5 to see if I can get to doing 200 squats without a break and I'm challenging for anybody who reads this blog to start one of the programmes in this group.

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  1. For the record, I am currently working through the pushups and situps right now. Unfortunately, I can't find an android app for the squats and dips.