25 January 2013

Alice Holt Forest

I can't tell you how often I've driven past a sign that said "Alice Holt Forest" and wondered what kind of a forest it was and if it would be nice to go for a walk there. So far, any time somebody in the UK mentions a "mountain" it turns out to be a big hill...

Turns out it's a very pleasant green patch randomly in the the middle of Hampshire. I had the adventure of wandering its paths (... "getting lost") the weekend before last, before the UK was blessed with snow fall. The husband unit and myself clocked up to 9km even though the longest outlined path was 5 km...

I don't know... But I'm badass for crossing the line

We found our way to the cafe at the entrance which was exciting in one breath because they had a variety of gluten free naughty bites and awkward in the next as there was a large group of moms with their newborns. Complete with a shed load of prams.

The Alice Holt forest is nice...

Did you just call it the 'asshole forest'?

Yes, the asshole forest is nice.

...Must be my accent.

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