11 January 2013

Blog Revamp: Complete... Mostly

Ta da!

It is a template from Blogger, I know, but it's a new template. Ok, ok, don't rain on my parade, I also know I've had it up for a few days already. But I've reorganized a few widgets and topics which taxed my decision making and organizational skills.

Granted, the redoing of my blog isn't complete, not if my list is anything to go by. I'll likely add more to that list this year if I decide to work through more of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, but I feel like this is a good foundation to build on. I didn't realize how limiting the old templates were until I changed, but I am sad that I couldn't have taken the colour scheme with me.

And who knows, perhaps I'll look at this blog in a month and decide to change the template again (I did reorganize my whole kitchen on a whim, after all...).

Anybody else complete a goal yet this year? Or have you already faltered on your New Year's Resolution?

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