22 January 2013

Crockpot Chicken & Taekwon Do

Every once in a while I need a reminder that just skimming a recipe is not a good idea, even if it is just a crock pot recipe. I have this notion that any recipe requiring a crockpot doesn't need anything more than all the ingredients to be chopped up and thrown into, set to low, and cook for 8 - 10 hrs.

So far in all of my crockpot recipes I have gotten away with that, but not with this one. It looks a bit like curdled milk by the time it was finished cooking...Surprisingly, the husband unit enjoyed it to the point of eating two bowlfuls.

In fact, that looks worse than curdled milk.

The taste wasn't awful and it was hearty without being too heavy (I did only put half the amount of potatoes into it) and a perfect meal before going off to train.

It's probably a blogging faux pas to not remember if you blogged about something. I had to go search my labels to find Day 22 of the 30 Days of Fitness I blogged only briefly about returning to Taekwon Do training. As I had mentioned in that post, I had always wanted to get back into training and eventually get my black belt, and I'm finally at that point where I committed.

Through a series of connections, I started out training on camp in Bordon, with soldiers. That was intimidating. Eventually the instructor encouraged me to start training with his instructor, a little more traditional. And OMG, it felt like I was home so it didn't take me long to buy a dobok (the uniform) and start learning my patterns again. It's a bit intimidating in a different way because Mr Douglas (the head instructor) uses a lot more of the Korean language in his lessons.

I was a black stripe, and failed to pass the test for my black belt 8 years ago, but Mr Douglas was flexible and let me start at a blue stripe. I want my black belt more than ever so I've outlined briefly every step in my Master List what I need to achieve before I can get there. I'm likely to add more on if this is anything to go by.

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