10 January 2013

Lists of Goals

All of yesterday I spent typing up and modifying a master list of goals that I'd like to achieve. Think of it as a bucket list of sorts, but instead of the top 25, I've put down EVERYTHING I'd like to do. This won't be contradicting what I said in my first post of this year, where I'll only be tackling 5 or 6 goals at a time. It's just, I needed to see the bigger picture.

I wanted to put down on paper, or in this case computer screen, as little or as much detail about any goal I have wanted to achieve but haven't yet. There are some goals there that I have put back up after I took them off for not achieving them. I've had this notion for a little while that I should just forget about goals that I had set out for myself but didn't achieve. I know I have said in the past that certain goals had become irrelevant which is why I didn't try to accomplish them, but I think I was lying to myself. If I was still thinking about those goals then clearly they were irrelevant, they just had become a lower priority.

That being said, they abandoned goals such as completing a colouring book or participating in a half marathon, will never become a higher priority in my life if I don't have some sort of reminder, which for me is having it as part of a list. I would even say Pinterest would be a legit way of making something a priority. I've learned how to make better goals, keeping the SMART strategy in mind.


I've also learned how to be somewhat more focused and disciplined as the years have passed. Though by no means am I a shining example (rather a work in progress), I would like to think my persistence in trying to achieve any of my goals and to try new things speaks positively about me, even though I make some obvious blunders.

Anybody else have a bucket list? What are you doing to cross items off?

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