28 February 2013

Three Goal Recap

It's been a strange week. I blame the full moon.

1. In the jumble of my Master List, there's a goal I posted of participating in 7 new blog hops. By participating in the Level Up Blog Fest hosted by Allison at Geek Banter , this goal is inadvertently 1/7th complete now. I couldn't have found a more enjoyable blog hop to start that goal off with.

2. I'm not in the habit of putting too much of my personal life online, but I finally did spend my birthday with my husband. He surprised me with a cake he baked himself when I got back from training. It was really sweet and really awesome.

Yeah, those last 2 pieces didn't last long...
 3. After many moons I can finally present you with this:

PS. This video counts for two goals. Yesss....

Anybody else complete a goal this past week?

26 February 2013

Liebster Award

I mentioned on Sunday that M.J. Joachim from Effectively Human awarded me the Liebster Award and that  I would post soon. Clearly, you couldn't have expected me to post on my birthday.

  • Fried or Scrambled? Fried.
  •  Silently passionate or passionately silent? Silently Passionate
  • Given 3 ingredients (water, flour, salt) what would you make? Bread is not an option. ...Playdough?
  •  If X + Y = Z, why doesn't Z - X = Y? But it does.
  • Hot or cold? Think chocolate! Hot chocolate.
I know I've said I don't like chocolate, but this
plus coffee is ridiculously amazing.
  •  Darts or Ping Pong? Ping Pong.
  • Mugs or cups and saucers? Mugs.
How else are you supposed to consume
half a pot of coffee all at once?
  •  Home cooked, take out, or restaurant dining? Hmm, home cooked, but for special occasions restaurant dining.
  •  Seashore or Mountains? Neither. Some good old prairies.
  • Rocks or thorns? ...Rocks?

Part of the Liebster Award stipulations, I must now tag eleven fellow bloggers with less than  200 followers and ask them a series of questions.
  1. Crystal at her Lemonade Stand
  2. Francesca Zappia
  3. The Drunk Runner
  4. Geek Banter
  5. ROFL Initiative
  6. Zombie Fitness
  7. Vixie's Stories
  8. Thinking Through Our Fingers
  9. Katy at Now Is Gone
  10. Laura at My Baffling Brain
  11. Suzy at Let's Talk About Writing

And your questions are as follows:

  • If you had to personify a social media, which one would it be?
  • Coffee, tea, or energy drinks?
  • If you could rule the world, what would be the first thing you changed?
  • Post a picture of your writing/inspirational/motivational space (it's not a question, though I could just put a question mark on the end to make it look like a question) ?
  • If you became famous, would you rather have people write fanfiction about you/your work or draw fanart?
  • Hockey, soccer, or rugby?
  • Parkour vs Crossfit athletes, who would survive the zombie apocalypse? 
  • Which 3 songs typically end up on all your playlists? 
  • The end?

25 February 2013


Officially in my "late twenties" as of today and it seems like a bad joke that there should be a full moon.

24 February 2013

Gargantuan Flash Fiction

Crystal's challenge: a flash fiction, 500 words or less, including "gargantuan" and optionally "sociopath" by Saturday. Set out for myself, Terias McKlay, and the Drunk Runner.

Just a note: I didn't get a chance to edit as much as I would have, so the word count ended up being 596.

- - -

Beardsley’s ears flicked nervously as he and his partner in crime, Walker, sat with their backs against the step leading up to the hallway of their exit. So far, no one had come up the stairs they were waiting at, but they both knew their relative safety wouldn’t last. Beardsley, the soft grey cat, kept his head ducked and inadvertently jumped at any vibration or breeze that graced his whiskers. He kept looking at Walker, the bright orange cat with white paws and ears, to be so calm. 

No, Beardsley decided, calm is the wrong word. Walker is excited to be on this mission.

Walker flicked his tail happily before he whispered, “I say, Beardsley, if the fate of our colony didn’t depend on our returning alive, we could really enjoy ourselves here.”

Beardsley’s jaw dropped and eyes widened, I have been dispatched with a sociopath.

Patting a paw on Beardsley shoulder, Walker said with a wink, “Just a thought chap, retract your claws.”

The grey cat didn’t feel reassured in the slightest, but did pull his claws back inside his paws. He tried to calm himself in order to sense danger more acutely. Beardsley was determined not to be desensitized by danger and end up the village lunatic like Walker. He was about to turn and peer over the step to check for guards but Walker interjected with a tangential thought of his own.

“I say, how do you think the rats became so gargantuan. Legend has it we cats used to hunt and kill them for our livelihood.” Walker continued to whisper, peering over the step, tail still flicking. 

Nodding slowly Beardsley asked, “Do you sense any of them nearby? Any danger?”

“Not at all, not at all. In fact, now would be a good time to make our escape, just across this hall and into that vent.” Walker replied, lowering himself again to press his back against the step.

“How do you figure?” Beardsley asked.

“The rat down the hall has his back turned and hasn’t moved at all. By his breathing I’d say he’s asleep. Perfect for our escape.” Walker explained, but curiously took off the satchel off from his shoulder, “Now then, you need to carry the documents.” 

“What? No. Why?” Beardsley asked.

“Dear chap, it’s easier to answer one question at a time. Now then. You will make it back to the colony no problem while I distract the rat at the other end of the hall.” 

Beardsley stared at his companion, mouth moving but no sound coming him. The orange cat gave him a reproachful look and said, “Don’t look at me like that, everybody knew this mission was either going to be a complete failure or a suicide mission, no reason to make it both. Now, ready on your haunches.”

Walker crouched on his haunches, ready to spring himself. Beardsley barely shook himself out of astonishment himself to crouch low and ready himself for action. In a moment of desperation he said, “Wait!”

One last wink came from Walker before he called out, “CHARGE!” and sprang from their hiding spot. Beardsley clutched the satchel and jumped as high as Walker in the opposite direction. As much as Walker’s verbal command was to distract the monstrous rats, it was also a call to arms for the grey cat to gather the last shreds of his courage and proceed onwards. 

Beardsley’s last thought before he slide down the vent was that the world would never be the same without cats like Walker, cats who were absurd but honourable and brave.  

- - -

Just a reminder! If anybody would like to set out a challenge with me either a small, one off one or one spanning the next 4-5 weeks, feel free to leave a comment or message me privately.

If this was my cat, I'd totally name it Beardsley.

Week 7 of 7

Wow, where has this week gone? Allow me to update you:

1. I had a specialist appointment that provided me with a diagnosis of most likely bursitis in my right knee and a shortened and irritated IT band in my right leg. Apparently this is what's causing my knee pain when I run and preventing me from running. I was feeling really down about my knee pain before and after the diagnosis, but with physio (which starts in March) and a podiatrist appointment I will hopefully get back to running soon.

A bursitis would then be an inflammation of one or more bursae.
The pulling of the shortened band is giving me
pain, just like where it says in the picture.
2. I am signing up for a Taekwondo tournament in March. I felt really daunted by making this goal until I went to Salisbury yesterday and watched a TKD tournament, particularly my rank and weight division. I qualify to be in the "heavyweight" category (in spite of my best weight loss efforts) and the last time I competed I was knocked out. Granted this was 12 years ago but I was 15 and that experience stayed with me. Watching the other "heavyweight" women I have concluded that I will be ok because I have the advantage of fitness and training with people who are fitter than me. As my coach always yells at me, "Have confidence! Confidence!"

My coach competing in Ring 6 with the blue tag on his belt. I got
so antsy watching the tournament that I wished I would have been
brave enough to compete this month.
3. Thanks very much to M.J. Joachim at Effectively Human for including me in her Liebster Award list. I'll be posting about that very soon!

 4. A monstrous feeling of gratitude to everyone that stopped by, read, commented, and/or followed me from the fall out of Allison at Geek Banter's Level Up blog hop. I enjoyed reading all of the different responses of everyone who participated. Apologies that it took me several days to get around to everyone, and hopefully I didn't miss anybody.

5. Tomorrow officially is the end of my 7 Things in 7 Weeks until I'm 27 as tomorrow it's my birthday. It's unlikely that I'll visit Birdworld between now and then, but I finished reading "Wheat Belly" and 6 out of 7 intentional goals accomplished with a handful of non-intentional goals I think is a pretty good start to 2013. Breaking down my goals to smaller segments with smaller time frames I think worked really well for me and I'll be setting up another set of them after my birthday is over and I can revel in one day of no goals. That being said, if anybody would like to challenge me to a goal with a time frame of about 4-5 weeks, feel free to leave a comment or message me privately. I'd love to set up a challenge with somebody!

 6. Speaking of challenges, Crystal at her Lemonade Stand challenged Terias McKlay, the Drunk Runner, and myself to another flash fiction challenge: 500 words including "gargantuan" in some fashion. Loser has to send postcards. The deadline was yesterday, but as my husband surprised me with a night out to Bournemouth I was unable to post about it and post it. I'll be making a separate post today and send out postcards...

7. There is no real point 7, just wanted to make it fit with the title.

20 February 2013

Fortitude +2, Strength +1, Cleverness -1

Randomly stumbling across blogs I found a new Blog Hop to take part in. I do believe I'm a glutton for punishment: last time I signed up for so much I failed at coming through. But this time it's different.

Because I say so.

Share your favourite game with us! It can be a video game, a board game, a party game, a card game, a childhood playground game--you name it. Let us know how it works and why you love it.

 I have to say, me and my family never really got into board games. The extent of my board game experience  is sadly, Monopoly and the German version of "Sorry!". I have no idea how to play Risk or Mousetrap or I don't even know what else is out there.

Somehow, my brothers and I got into video games, each of getting the original GameBoy one year. Curious how my mom managed to master Tetris too...


A couple years later we got the SNES and I still managed to suck at most games. Except for Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. That was the first time I fell in love with that franchise, you know, before it became a franchise. So when my brothers and I got to upgrade to the N64 and Ocarina of Time was released that's all I could play and think about. That game, even that system tops my list.


It was honestly the first and only console where I appreciated and enjoyed playing first person shooters, specifically GoldenEye when Pierce Brosnan was cast as James Bond. Obviously I started out being the target of both my brothers in that game, but I soon learned enough skillz to match them, even winning a round or two over the years.

But it wasn't too long after that where I really fell in love with RPG's. SquareSoft, now SquareEnix, had released Final Fantasy 7 for PC. It was a brilliant opportunity for me to play a new game series I would have never had access to, being a Nintendo patron. Even though Final Fantasy has changed dramatically over the last few games, I'm still a fan of the franchise, but number 7 will always hold a special place in my heart.


As amazing as the game play and graphics for Final Fantasy 13 are, I now have Final Fantasy I and Tetris on my iPhone. If anybody else has a smartphone with games on it, let me know which ones.

18 February 2013

7 Days Left

Aaaah! One week left!

Next week is my birthday, seriously. I can't believe I'll be 27 next week. Officially in my "late twenties". I found a fourth grey hair on my head last week and I've been a bit devastated since. Naturally I ripped it out, I mean, who needs that shit right now?

So, four goals have been accomplished in this last week, some intentional, some not.

  1. Add a "subject" or "topic" section to my blog. I actually didn't realize I did this when I changed my blog layout. Good on me!
  2. Changed my profile pic on YouTube. I also didn't realize I did this when I updated my G+ profile picture. I keep forgetting how integrated everything is with Google... it's almost scary.
  3. Spent Valentine's Day in with the husband. I wrote not a very romantic post last week with a list of what I dislike and like about Valentine's Day. In spite of that, we had supper together and went wild with a bottle of wine, starting our weekend early. I can't say that's different then any other week.
  4. Visited Jane Austen's house. Saturday. Drove to Chawton. Learned about Jane Austen's life. Realized how much of her life she incorporated into her novels. Felt very surreal walking around the yard and house Jane Austen spent the last decade of her life. Spent too much money at the cafe across the street for a cup of tea.
View of the actual house.

Standing next to Jane Austen's writing table. Apparently she
worked on her novels every morning after breakfast.

A view of the gardens and bake house. The actual house behind me.

View from the back. To the left the house. To the right, the husband being posh.

Also, still reading "The Wheat Belly" and have made it to part three and drinking my 8 glasses of water in the form of herbal teas.Can you tell I'm starting to feel that sense of urgency about next week?

14 February 2013

List of Like & Dislike

It's Valentine's Day.

As if anyone needed anymore reminders. You'd have to live under a rock not to know in this day and age that it's Valentine's Day.

I won't wish anyone a "happy" Valentine's Day because for some it's not happy. Or a day worth celebrating. As is in my case because my birthday is in the same month. Call me practical, a party-pooper, or anti-social, but I don't see the point in expending effort on a day shared by millions of couples when energy can just be expended one day this month where only a few thousand will share the same celebratory feelings. And not likely in this vicinity.

But... my husband is a romantic so there is some celebratory pink, red, and confection in my house today. I also got breakfast in bed, a first!

Obligatorily, I'll make an attempt to get in the spirit of the day.


Reasons I dislike St Valentine's Day
  1. A forced sense of love and romance from all  the other couples around. Ie. "It's Valentine's Day, let's not argue..." etc etc
  2. Spending money on over priced cards, flowers, and confectionary that typically are lame.
  3. Radio stations playing the worst of all pop love songs ever written.
  4. Every TV channel flooded by Rom-Com. Rom-Coms already being a thing I dislike unrelated to Valentine's Day.
  5. Everything you do is cliche, whether you're part of a couple or single. Going out, staying in, enjoying your company, trying to find new company, exchanging gifts, boycotting the industry... it's all been done before.
  6. There is more pink, red, and white in public than you could ever care to stand...
  7. Being bombarded with Valentine's Day since January. It's not as bad as Christmas, but cripes, by the time the day comes around you just want gouge your eyes out.
  8. People, women especially, start comparing what their partners do/get them and what they do/get for their partners.
  9. Everyone starts going off on one about how they don't need a single day of the year to declare their love. Blah blah blah, WE KNOW.

Reasons I like St Valentine's Day
  1. There are funny cards and gifts available that actually make me LOL. My husband and I always make an effort to exchange these.
  2. You can pretend like it's any other day. Not that you have to pretend very hard: food still needs to be eaten, laundry still to be done, and showers still need to be taken.
  3. Another reason let the other person know you're thinking about them. Or another opportunity to make up?
  4. Vloggers, bloggers, and the rest of social media embark on a war of why they love/hate V-day, myself included. 
  5. People become extra creative for this day and post it online, giving me ideas of romantic things I can do later in the year. What's that? I haven't' been on Pinterest all morning...
  6. I enjoy listening to the stories of what other people do to be romantic on Valentine's Day and the rest of the year.
  7. If you put your own spin on today it can actually get more romantic in years to come.
  8. Staying in or going out, it's another reason to dress up
  9. Everything pink, red, and white goes on sale tomorrow. If your budget allows, stock up for the rest of the year (maybe that wine might actually taste good by summer...)
  10. Reading the obscurity about St Valentine is somewhat amusing when you realize there is very little connection between what our society "celebrates" and what happened.

 Anybody have anything else to add to either list?

Before I leave you with those lists, Kyra Lennon is co-hosting a Blog Hop of Joy on March 1. It's a list of everything that makes you happy. I'm all signed up and ready to go! ...I mean, it is a list, after all.


12 February 2013

So Much...

I've watched three different cats through three different windows and they're all humongous.

Like how I feel.

Raclette, I remember why you only get to see the light of day once a year. So much cheese. So much potatoes. So much wine...

Just a quick list-like update:
  1. Despite my Saturday condition, I managed to pull of the flash fiction challenge that I set out for Crystal L. Kirkham, The Drunk Runner, and Terias McKlay and myself. Well done me. 
  2. I posted another chapter of Elisa's Thoughts, bringing me to Chapter 12, AND completing another one of my 7 Things in 7 Weeks until I'm 27 goal.
  3. I was at the Dr's yesterday and did manage to read more of "The Wheat Belly", though, not enough to say I've made significant progress. 
  4. I have physio next week because I've been having knee issues, particularly with running which has now progressed to simple things like walking. It makes the feeling of hugeness even more imminent because there isn't anything I can do.
  5. This knee pain is setting me back from all my running and other fitness/healthy lifestyle goals but I'm still optimistic because the Dr is sending me for a referral to a musculo-skeletal Dr... Even autocorrect doesn't know how to spell that. 
I realize I should be doing a lot
more reading because I have that...
How's your goal progress? Any set backs? What are you doing to keep yourself optimistic?

10 February 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Hot Chocolate & Tea

Two writing things today (on a Sunday, imagine!). First is I updated Elisa's Thoughts today, completing another goal of 7 Things in 7 Weeks Until I'm 27.

Secondly, I present the result of the coffee flash fiction challenge that I posted about on Friday. It's a bit more unrefined than I wanted it to be but I think I did pretty well considering I was a little hungover all day. For the others that I challenged, I will be dropping in on their blogs officially tomorrow to see who owes me a postcard.

Hot Chocolate and Tea

I don’t know why we always call it a “coffee date”. My girlfriend, Callie, sipped her hot chocolate, keeping one hand wrapped around her mug as it rested on the table while texting on her phone with the other. After a few minutes she put her mug down, picked up a cookie on the plate in front of her, and nibbled on it. Her eyes never move from the screen. I inhaled deeply while I nursed my fancy green tea but Callie didn’t acknowledge me.
Boredom was setting in so I looked around the cafĂ© at the steady stream of activity. Other patrons were being served their hot beverages, most of their orders being coffee. Irritation began to rise in the back of my throat as I felt a certain amount of injustice at my situation: Last month she accused me of not being very romantic and that we were drifting apart. She suggested we “spark up” our romance by going for “coffee” once a week and I agreed, admitting I hadn’t been very attention the last while. I felt like I should also admit that I expected Callie to put her phone down by our third “coffee date”.
“How’s your cookie?” I asked.
“Mmm.” Callie replied.
“And your hot chocolate?”
Irritation growing, I looked away and noticed the barista looking our way with a smirk on her lips. A regular sitting at the table behind Callie was holding the newspaper and looking over with raised eyebrows. A group of pimply teenage boys were sniggering as they waited for their fancy coffees. At least when they said “We’re going for coffee” they actually meant it.
“Emily’s invited us for coffee. We should go.” Callie said.
“Are we actually going to drink coffee when we get there?” I asked.
Finally, Callie looked up and asked, “What kind of question is that?”
Her ignorance fueled my irritation and I pushed my tea away from me before replying, “You accuse me of not putting effort into our relationship so we agree to go on ‘coffee dates’. We get here, you sip your hot chocolate, I drink my tea, then I watch you on your phone the whole time. You say you’re on a diet so we don’t accept my friends’ invites for dinner, but then you go out with your girlfriends and rack up a hundred dollar cocktail bill. I listen to you bitch about your friends’ boyfriends and seconds later you tell your friends what a great couple they are. You meet new people, tell them you’re a dancer, but when was the last time you saw the inside of a studio? The worst part is when you’re with me you say you see us together forever but I’ve heard you tell your friends and family you don’t want to move in or get married.”
Callie’s jaw dropped, “Lyle… what?”
“I just want you to mean it when you say ‘we’re going for coffee’.” I said before taking another sip of my fancy green tea.

Words: 504

09 February 2013

12 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

12 bottles of wine, 1 magnum of sparkling wine, and 8 bottles of beer later I can say my first proper dinner party in Bordon was successful.

It wasn't that I was procrastinating, but I sort of left the decision of the desert to the day before and only found a recipe a couple hours before anybody was supposed to show up. All I can say is thank goodness for Canadian Living and their test kitchens. Maple apple and Blueberry Crisp turned out awesome for a last minute dot com decision.

Further that, I still have to write my flash fiction challenge. Pardon me while I go hydrate...

08 February 2013

I'm having a motivated day.

It's true, they happen every once in a while.

Or maybe it's just that I feel competitive. I challenged Crystal Kirkham, Terias McKlay, and the Drunk Runner to a flash fiction challenge. Mostly because Crystal was lamenting that she was terrible with writing flash fictions. Naturally, I had to set up a challenge: write a 500 word flash fic involving coffee. Our deadline is this Sunday, Feb 10 check out all of our blogs and help keep us accountable.

Loser has to send the winners postcards.

07 February 2013

Week 4/7 Goal Update

You ever have those moments where you intend to write a few rough details down and then end up writing the whole damn thing? Yeah, that didn't happen.

I spent the better part of last night fiddling around with a Twitter widget that isn't showing up on my screen. Label me frustrated.

Not being able to sleep past 4 AM is also getting annoying, so let me review how my week has gone in terms of goals on my 7 Things in 7 Weeks until I'm 27.

1) Last weekend I faltered on drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Ok, just plain fell off the wagon. Friday and Saturday nights I drank predominantly red wine and didn't even bother to have a glass of water between. I can't seem to find the will to make sure I drink water between alcoholic beverages. It would help, I know, and I even say to myself everytime "Make sure you drink a glass of water between every glass".

That's about when you "top up" your glass to stick with the "only one glass" rule.

The problem is, that I don't properly empty my glass before it gets topped up. I blame the father unit for this. When he started out making wine and thus, started drinking a lot more wine, he always said "I only drink one glass because I never empty the one I'm drinking, I just top it up."

I do the same.

I need to stop.

More water, dammit.

2) As for writing, I've had a successful week. I managed to write two more chapters for Elisa's Thoughts. One at Costa last week and one a couple days ago. I sent them to a friend to Beta and then I'll be posting pretty soon. Goal almost complete!

3) I have been reading a page here and there, but nothing really significant to report about.

4) Currently, I still have no plans to visit Birdworld or Jane Austen's house. But I have a few weeks yet!

As I was fiddling with Twitter last night, I managed to do a few other fiddly things on my blog that will hopefully improve it. I would say feedback about my blog would be welcome, but how do you give feedback when a blog layout is so often a personal preference?
  1. Links to my other social media: Put this up down the right side of my blog, but I also have a "Challenge Me" page so anybody, anywhere, and at anytime can contact me and you know, challenge me.
  2. Create separate pages for my works, about me, etc: I'll be adding more over the next couple weeks as I get more organized and focused. But it's coming along!
  3. G+ - update profile pic & About Me: About time I think for a new profile pic. I dont' know why I struggle with profile pics. I don't like a pictures of me from my neck up and feels too generic and I don't like a lot of the longer shots of myself. None of them really seem to really express the impression I'd like to create. I'm updating my profile pics everywhere as best I can because I was getting annoyed at the one I had from the summer, however, I will update again once I find one I like better.

06 February 2013

Swimming Inspiration

I went swimming earlier this week as part of my cross training and noticed a woman trying to claim some space amongst the regulars (they're quite territorial here). I didn't think much of it since there are often new faces at the pool that crop up once or twice in four months.

After swimming my obligatory 40 lengths in the 25m pool, I got out and didn't think too much of it. In the change room the woman was standing there and asked me how I managed to breathe on alternate sides when I swim front crawl. I tried to explain it to her as best as possible on how to start out and build up to swimming a length.


 We continued to chat: she wants to learn to swim better to swim across the English Channel August 2014 to raise money and awareness for blind veterans. She participated in a 100+ km walk in UK to raise money for the same cause last year and 3 years ago she joined the Territorial Army (equivalent to the Canadian Reserves).

She's 46.

How's that for inspiration.

05 February 2013

Christmas in February

The husband unit started with his new unit  January 7. A week later he told me there was a Christmas function happening February 2, 2013. Apparently they didn't get around to organizing a Christmas function during the holidays, but my question is, why didn't they just change the theme? Valentine's Day is not that far off.

Apparently the budget was blown for these decorations.

A lot of these functions have taken place during the week or the latest on a Friday. To my husband, going to these functions is often like going to work because rank and regimental divides are still around. I've always felt a bit stressed because I never feel like I have enough time to get ready: I can't do my hair very well, so I typically have to make an appointment with a hair dresser and fitting that in between all the tedious beautification tasks can be quite time consuming.

Because this function was on a Saturday I could take time to do two things: figure out how to use an eyelash curler and how to apply fake lashes.

Thanks Boots for making beauty trends affordable.

It might seem silly that I'm only learning at 26 how to do the above, but I never saw much point in it. To be honest, I still don't. But I have moments where I like to be girly and experiment with all these things, and now that I've had time to watch a million YouTube tutorials I had to confidence to try. I didn't notice a big difference in the appearance of my eyes with using the eyelash curler, but it was a huge difference with adding the fake lashes.

I don't look so sleepy!

 To complete my outfit I had to go out shopping for a pair of nude shoes. Haha... "had to", yes indeed. I bought two pairs: one with heels and one without. Invariably my feet end up hurting halfway throughout the night and dancing in heels is tricky at best when one is sober. Flats + larger clutch = best idea I've ever carried out.

I feel like I had Gok Wan walk through my room...
Over all, I enjoyed this function far more than the one I went to in December. With every function there always seems to be someone really upset about something regarding the function and upset with another couple attending the function.

Oh boy.

Anyways, did anyone else make a purchase of an item they've wanted or needed for a while? Or learn how to do something new?

04 February 2013

Pork Conglomerate

Today, I am just going to talk about pork. Pulled pork to be exact.

Vegans & Vegetarians, feel free to cringe.

As the story goes, I defrosted too much pork while making Squash and Pork Stew (which I can't really recommend as a tasty stew...). What better to do than invite people around and make pulled pork?

In true Capillary fashion, I left the searching for a recipe until that morning. I found a number of recipes of how to do it in the oven, but I have to say I've always found that dry. In a rare moment I remembered that people have made it in crock pots before, thus, the search continued.

Pulled pork must have an unlimited number of ways to make it from the recipes I've found and in the end I conglomerated these three (one two three) to come up with one of my own. I was limited to the ingredients in my house because, naturally, I procrastinated with the shopping as well.

 The Capillary's Pulled Pork Conglomerate

Prep: ...10 min. Approximately.

Cook: Set to low until your guests arrive. You know, roughly 8 hours.

  • 2 - 2.5 kg / 4-5 lbs Pork (rump steaks, shoulder, anything you defrosted by accident)
  • 2 cans tomato paste
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 tbsp cumin
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1 tbsp mustard (I used hot English)
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1 tbsp dried oregano 
  • 0 to 1 tsp chili flakes according to your taste
Directions: Cut up and throw in pot. One hours before your guests arrive, pull apart the hunk of meat and let it continue to simmer in the pot. Enjoy in your multitude of ways possible:



While that concludes today's food porn viewing, does anybody else have a good pulled pork recipe or a favourite way to eat pulled pork?