18 February 2013

7 Days Left

Aaaah! One week left!

Next week is my birthday, seriously. I can't believe I'll be 27 next week. Officially in my "late twenties". I found a fourth grey hair on my head last week and I've been a bit devastated since. Naturally I ripped it out, I mean, who needs that shit right now?

So, four goals have been accomplished in this last week, some intentional, some not.

  1. Add a "subject" or "topic" section to my blog. I actually didn't realize I did this when I changed my blog layout. Good on me!
  2. Changed my profile pic on YouTube. I also didn't realize I did this when I updated my G+ profile picture. I keep forgetting how integrated everything is with Google... it's almost scary.
  3. Spent Valentine's Day in with the husband. I wrote not a very romantic post last week with a list of what I dislike and like about Valentine's Day. In spite of that, we had supper together and went wild with a bottle of wine, starting our weekend early. I can't say that's different then any other week.
  4. Visited Jane Austen's house. Saturday. Drove to Chawton. Learned about Jane Austen's life. Realized how much of her life she incorporated into her novels. Felt very surreal walking around the yard and house Jane Austen spent the last decade of her life. Spent too much money at the cafe across the street for a cup of tea.
View of the actual house.

Standing next to Jane Austen's writing table. Apparently she
worked on her novels every morning after breakfast.

A view of the gardens and bake house. The actual house behind me.

View from the back. To the left the house. To the right, the husband being posh.

Also, still reading "The Wheat Belly" and have made it to part three and drinking my 8 glasses of water in the form of herbal teas.Can you tell I'm starting to feel that sense of urgency about next week?

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