05 February 2013

Christmas in February

The husband unit started with his new unit  January 7. A week later he told me there was a Christmas function happening February 2, 2013. Apparently they didn't get around to organizing a Christmas function during the holidays, but my question is, why didn't they just change the theme? Valentine's Day is not that far off.

Apparently the budget was blown for these decorations.

A lot of these functions have taken place during the week or the latest on a Friday. To my husband, going to these functions is often like going to work because rank and regimental divides are still around. I've always felt a bit stressed because I never feel like I have enough time to get ready: I can't do my hair very well, so I typically have to make an appointment with a hair dresser and fitting that in between all the tedious beautification tasks can be quite time consuming.

Because this function was on a Saturday I could take time to do two things: figure out how to use an eyelash curler and how to apply fake lashes.

Thanks Boots for making beauty trends affordable.

It might seem silly that I'm only learning at 26 how to do the above, but I never saw much point in it. To be honest, I still don't. But I have moments where I like to be girly and experiment with all these things, and now that I've had time to watch a million YouTube tutorials I had to confidence to try. I didn't notice a big difference in the appearance of my eyes with using the eyelash curler, but it was a huge difference with adding the fake lashes.

I don't look so sleepy!

 To complete my outfit I had to go out shopping for a pair of nude shoes. Haha... "had to", yes indeed. I bought two pairs: one with heels and one without. Invariably my feet end up hurting halfway throughout the night and dancing in heels is tricky at best when one is sober. Flats + larger clutch = best idea I've ever carried out.

I feel like I had Gok Wan walk through my room...
Over all, I enjoyed this function far more than the one I went to in December. With every function there always seems to be someone really upset about something regarding the function and upset with another couple attending the function.

Oh boy.

Anyways, did anyone else make a purchase of an item they've wanted or needed for a while? Or learn how to do something new?

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