10 February 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Hot Chocolate & Tea

Two writing things today (on a Sunday, imagine!). First is I updated Elisa's Thoughts today, completing another goal of 7 Things in 7 Weeks Until I'm 27.

Secondly, I present the result of the coffee flash fiction challenge that I posted about on Friday. It's a bit more unrefined than I wanted it to be but I think I did pretty well considering I was a little hungover all day. For the others that I challenged, I will be dropping in on their blogs officially tomorrow to see who owes me a postcard.

Hot Chocolate and Tea

I don’t know why we always call it a “coffee date”. My girlfriend, Callie, sipped her hot chocolate, keeping one hand wrapped around her mug as it rested on the table while texting on her phone with the other. After a few minutes she put her mug down, picked up a cookie on the plate in front of her, and nibbled on it. Her eyes never move from the screen. I inhaled deeply while I nursed my fancy green tea but Callie didn’t acknowledge me.
Boredom was setting in so I looked around the cafĂ© at the steady stream of activity. Other patrons were being served their hot beverages, most of their orders being coffee. Irritation began to rise in the back of my throat as I felt a certain amount of injustice at my situation: Last month she accused me of not being very romantic and that we were drifting apart. She suggested we “spark up” our romance by going for “coffee” once a week and I agreed, admitting I hadn’t been very attention the last while. I felt like I should also admit that I expected Callie to put her phone down by our third “coffee date”.
“How’s your cookie?” I asked.
“Mmm.” Callie replied.
“And your hot chocolate?”
Irritation growing, I looked away and noticed the barista looking our way with a smirk on her lips. A regular sitting at the table behind Callie was holding the newspaper and looking over with raised eyebrows. A group of pimply teenage boys were sniggering as they waited for their fancy coffees. At least when they said “We’re going for coffee” they actually meant it.
“Emily’s invited us for coffee. We should go.” Callie said.
“Are we actually going to drink coffee when we get there?” I asked.
Finally, Callie looked up and asked, “What kind of question is that?”
Her ignorance fueled my irritation and I pushed my tea away from me before replying, “You accuse me of not putting effort into our relationship so we agree to go on ‘coffee dates’. We get here, you sip your hot chocolate, I drink my tea, then I watch you on your phone the whole time. You say you’re on a diet so we don’t accept my friends’ invites for dinner, but then you go out with your girlfriends and rack up a hundred dollar cocktail bill. I listen to you bitch about your friends’ boyfriends and seconds later you tell your friends what a great couple they are. You meet new people, tell them you’re a dancer, but when was the last time you saw the inside of a studio? The worst part is when you’re with me you say you see us together forever but I’ve heard you tell your friends and family you don’t want to move in or get married.”
Callie’s jaw dropped, “Lyle… what?”
“I just want you to mean it when you say ‘we’re going for coffee’.” I said before taking another sip of my fancy green tea.

Words: 504


  1. Oh I like that. It kept me reading to the end :)

  2. I like it. Sounds like something I might say if I was in same situation.