14 February 2013

List of Like & Dislike

It's Valentine's Day.

As if anyone needed anymore reminders. You'd have to live under a rock not to know in this day and age that it's Valentine's Day.

I won't wish anyone a "happy" Valentine's Day because for some it's not happy. Or a day worth celebrating. As is in my case because my birthday is in the same month. Call me practical, a party-pooper, or anti-social, but I don't see the point in expending effort on a day shared by millions of couples when energy can just be expended one day this month where only a few thousand will share the same celebratory feelings. And not likely in this vicinity.

But... my husband is a romantic so there is some celebratory pink, red, and confection in my house today. I also got breakfast in bed, a first!

Obligatorily, I'll make an attempt to get in the spirit of the day.


Reasons I dislike St Valentine's Day
  1. A forced sense of love and romance from all  the other couples around. Ie. "It's Valentine's Day, let's not argue..." etc etc
  2. Spending money on over priced cards, flowers, and confectionary that typically are lame.
  3. Radio stations playing the worst of all pop love songs ever written.
  4. Every TV channel flooded by Rom-Com. Rom-Coms already being a thing I dislike unrelated to Valentine's Day.
  5. Everything you do is cliche, whether you're part of a couple or single. Going out, staying in, enjoying your company, trying to find new company, exchanging gifts, boycotting the industry... it's all been done before.
  6. There is more pink, red, and white in public than you could ever care to stand...
  7. Being bombarded with Valentine's Day since January. It's not as bad as Christmas, but cripes, by the time the day comes around you just want gouge your eyes out.
  8. People, women especially, start comparing what their partners do/get them and what they do/get for their partners.
  9. Everyone starts going off on one about how they don't need a single day of the year to declare their love. Blah blah blah, WE KNOW.

Reasons I like St Valentine's Day
  1. There are funny cards and gifts available that actually make me LOL. My husband and I always make an effort to exchange these.
  2. You can pretend like it's any other day. Not that you have to pretend very hard: food still needs to be eaten, laundry still to be done, and showers still need to be taken.
  3. Another reason let the other person know you're thinking about them. Or another opportunity to make up?
  4. Vloggers, bloggers, and the rest of social media embark on a war of why they love/hate V-day, myself included. 
  5. People become extra creative for this day and post it online, giving me ideas of romantic things I can do later in the year. What's that? I haven't' been on Pinterest all morning...
  6. I enjoy listening to the stories of what other people do to be romantic on Valentine's Day and the rest of the year.
  7. If you put your own spin on today it can actually get more romantic in years to come.
  8. Staying in or going out, it's another reason to dress up
  9. Everything pink, red, and white goes on sale tomorrow. If your budget allows, stock up for the rest of the year (maybe that wine might actually taste good by summer...)
  10. Reading the obscurity about St Valentine is somewhat amusing when you realize there is very little connection between what our society "celebrates" and what happened.

 Anybody have anything else to add to either list?

Before I leave you with those lists, Kyra Lennon is co-hosting a Blog Hop of Joy on March 1. It's a list of everything that makes you happy. I'm all signed up and ready to go! ...I mean, it is a list, after all.


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