12 February 2013

So Much...

I've watched three different cats through three different windows and they're all humongous.

Like how I feel.

Raclette, I remember why you only get to see the light of day once a year. So much cheese. So much potatoes. So much wine...

Just a quick list-like update:
  1. Despite my Saturday condition, I managed to pull of the flash fiction challenge that I set out for Crystal L. Kirkham, The Drunk Runner, and Terias McKlay and myself. Well done me. 
  2. I posted another chapter of Elisa's Thoughts, bringing me to Chapter 12, AND completing another one of my 7 Things in 7 Weeks until I'm 27 goal.
  3. I was at the Dr's yesterday and did manage to read more of "The Wheat Belly", though, not enough to say I've made significant progress. 
  4. I have physio next week because I've been having knee issues, particularly with running which has now progressed to simple things like walking. It makes the feeling of hugeness even more imminent because there isn't anything I can do.
  5. This knee pain is setting me back from all my running and other fitness/healthy lifestyle goals but I'm still optimistic because the Dr is sending me for a referral to a musculo-skeletal Dr... Even autocorrect doesn't know how to spell that. 
I realize I should be doing a lot
more reading because I have that...
How's your goal progress? Any set backs? What are you doing to keep yourself optimistic?


  1. I'm keeping myself optimistic by just forcing to believe that things can be better every day. It's kind of like that quote in Vanilla Sky. Penelope Cruz says, "Every passing second is another chance to turn it all around."

    1. I really like that quote, but I have to admit, I've never seen that movie.