07 February 2013

Week 4/7 Goal Update

You ever have those moments where you intend to write a few rough details down and then end up writing the whole damn thing? Yeah, that didn't happen.

I spent the better part of last night fiddling around with a Twitter widget that isn't showing up on my screen. Label me frustrated.

Not being able to sleep past 4 AM is also getting annoying, so let me review how my week has gone in terms of goals on my 7 Things in 7 Weeks until I'm 27.

1) Last weekend I faltered on drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Ok, just plain fell off the wagon. Friday and Saturday nights I drank predominantly red wine and didn't even bother to have a glass of water between. I can't seem to find the will to make sure I drink water between alcoholic beverages. It would help, I know, and I even say to myself everytime "Make sure you drink a glass of water between every glass".

That's about when you "top up" your glass to stick with the "only one glass" rule.

The problem is, that I don't properly empty my glass before it gets topped up. I blame the father unit for this. When he started out making wine and thus, started drinking a lot more wine, he always said "I only drink one glass because I never empty the one I'm drinking, I just top it up."

I do the same.

I need to stop.

More water, dammit.

2) As for writing, I've had a successful week. I managed to write two more chapters for Elisa's Thoughts. One at Costa last week and one a couple days ago. I sent them to a friend to Beta and then I'll be posting pretty soon. Goal almost complete!

3) I have been reading a page here and there, but nothing really significant to report about.

4) Currently, I still have no plans to visit Birdworld or Jane Austen's house. But I have a few weeks yet!

As I was fiddling with Twitter last night, I managed to do a few other fiddly things on my blog that will hopefully improve it. I would say feedback about my blog would be welcome, but how do you give feedback when a blog layout is so often a personal preference?
  1. Links to my other social media: Put this up down the right side of my blog, but I also have a "Challenge Me" page so anybody, anywhere, and at anytime can contact me and you know, challenge me.
  2. Create separate pages for my works, about me, etc: I'll be adding more over the next couple weeks as I get more organized and focused. But it's coming along!
  3. G+ - update profile pic & About Me: About time I think for a new profile pic. I dont' know why I struggle with profile pics. I don't like a pictures of me from my neck up and feels too generic and I don't like a lot of the longer shots of myself. None of them really seem to really express the impression I'd like to create. I'm updating my profile pics everywhere as best I can because I was getting annoyed at the one I had from the summer, however, I will update again once I find one I like better.

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