24 February 2013

Week 7 of 7

Wow, where has this week gone? Allow me to update you:

1. I had a specialist appointment that provided me with a diagnosis of most likely bursitis in my right knee and a shortened and irritated IT band in my right leg. Apparently this is what's causing my knee pain when I run and preventing me from running. I was feeling really down about my knee pain before and after the diagnosis, but with physio (which starts in March) and a podiatrist appointment I will hopefully get back to running soon.

A bursitis would then be an inflammation of one or more bursae.
The pulling of the shortened band is giving me
pain, just like where it says in the picture.
2. I am signing up for a Taekwondo tournament in March. I felt really daunted by making this goal until I went to Salisbury yesterday and watched a TKD tournament, particularly my rank and weight division. I qualify to be in the "heavyweight" category (in spite of my best weight loss efforts) and the last time I competed I was knocked out. Granted this was 12 years ago but I was 15 and that experience stayed with me. Watching the other "heavyweight" women I have concluded that I will be ok because I have the advantage of fitness and training with people who are fitter than me. As my coach always yells at me, "Have confidence! Confidence!"

My coach competing in Ring 6 with the blue tag on his belt. I got
so antsy watching the tournament that I wished I would have been
brave enough to compete this month.
3. Thanks very much to M.J. Joachim at Effectively Human for including me in her Liebster Award list. I'll be posting about that very soon!

 4. A monstrous feeling of gratitude to everyone that stopped by, read, commented, and/or followed me from the fall out of Allison at Geek Banter's Level Up blog hop. I enjoyed reading all of the different responses of everyone who participated. Apologies that it took me several days to get around to everyone, and hopefully I didn't miss anybody.

5. Tomorrow officially is the end of my 7 Things in 7 Weeks until I'm 27 as tomorrow it's my birthday. It's unlikely that I'll visit Birdworld between now and then, but I finished reading "Wheat Belly" and 6 out of 7 intentional goals accomplished with a handful of non-intentional goals I think is a pretty good start to 2013. Breaking down my goals to smaller segments with smaller time frames I think worked really well for me and I'll be setting up another set of them after my birthday is over and I can revel in one day of no goals. That being said, if anybody would like to challenge me to a goal with a time frame of about 4-5 weeks, feel free to leave a comment or message me privately. I'd love to set up a challenge with somebody!

 6. Speaking of challenges, Crystal at her Lemonade Stand challenged Terias McKlay, the Drunk Runner, and myself to another flash fiction challenge: 500 words including "gargantuan" in some fashion. Loser has to send postcards. The deadline was yesterday, but as my husband surprised me with a night out to Bournemouth I was unable to post about it and post it. I'll be making a separate post today and send out postcards...

7. There is no real point 7, just wanted to make it fit with the title.

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