20 March 2013

Busy And Productive? Part 1

Life! Settle down!

Difficulty coping all at once!

Not really, I’m just getting into the spirit of complaining. After a few wonderful days of sunshine last week, it was all just a rouse before the heavens opened and water poured from the sky like somebody was dropping water balloons onto the earth.

Ok, not that bad, but you know, getting into the spirit.

Before I get into my thoughts, just a quick life update:

1. My mom came for a week’s visit. We caught up, drank wine, drank a shed load of coffee, shopped, and sight saw. It was awesome.

Shopping at Festival Place in Basingstoke.

2. Getting settled into my “new” house and finally driving around the UK much more on my own. I am hoping the confidence will provide me with some additional momentum for various goal setting.

3. I visited Stonehenge, Woodhenge, and Old Sarum.

On a hilltop. Middle of nowhere. Yep
Obligatory tourist paraphernalia. Hands in pockets because it was
windy, rainy, snowy, and freezing. People immigrated to
this area pre-historically, I don't understand why they stayed...

Apparently there is evidence that Woodhenge was involved in
ceremonies that were connected with ceremonies to Stonehenge.
It's not unrealistic since they're only 2-ish miles apart.
(Also, still freezing over here...)

That moat is far, far deeper than it looks...

Remnants of the cathedral. It lies beyond the moat.

The interior of Old Sarum. It was still windy up here, in fact, more
so, but when I hid between two of the walls I couldn't feel a draft.
I imagine it would have been fairly airtight or a wind tunnel with
all the walls standing.

Salisbury and Wiltshire countryside.

4. I have a job. Two, actually. Not registered as a nurse yet, but it’s income along with another job interview at the end of this month. Huzzah!

5. Alex J Cavanaugh’s Top Ten Movie Bloghop happened this week past. You can read my contribution here. Also apologies if I haven’t gotten around to your blog yet.

6. Submitted an entry to Lascaux Flash. Fingers crossed because there are so many great entries.

7. Preparing for my TKD tournament this Sunday… I’m feeling nervous about this.

8. A to Z prep? Hasn’t happened yet. Trying not to panic.

9. More chapters for Elisa’s Thoughts? Nope, nothing there either.

10. Setting up a challenge with Stephanie M. Pawley. More to come on that later.

11. I was going to leave my thoughts about being busy and accomplishing my goals here, but it seems a bit too long to hold anyone's attention, so I'll split it up and be more serious tomorrow.

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