29 March 2013

Thanks For The 100

Routine has been out of my reach this week and I have felt very unproductive. I'm trying not to stress about the lack of routine because the next few weeks will be a continuation of the last couple: everyday something different. I know a lot of people are hoping break from routine, but when you can't properly allot a good few hours to even house work you feel like you're just barely keep afloat.

It's funny too, because I never thought I'd turn into that kind of person that would want to cling to structure either.

So in the best way I know how to bring order to my life, I will provide a list of updates.

1. Tae Kwon Do training has continued and last night was an intense training session focused more on fitness than on technique or theory. I woke up sore this morning. I wanted to die. It will be a leg conditioning day tomorrow modeled after the following routines:

2. Continuing on the fitness vein, I started running again. Under strict physio orders, however. I was only allowed to run ten minutes max per day, once the first week, twice the second week. No more than three times per week until my next physio appointment. I have followed this. Sort of. I haven't run more than three times per week, but I have been running twenty minutes total in the format of Warm up 10, run 10, walk 5, run 10, walk 5.

So far, very little discomfort.

My physiotherapist is going to hate me.

3. I went for a job interview last week that was unrelated to nursing, though still in a hospital. I didn't get it. I was disappointed. The manager was very kind to phone me and explain why I didn't get the job and if I would be OK if he passed my resume along to another manager.

That would be a "Hell yes!" though I answered with a far more dignified "Yes please, I would really appreciate it."

4. The next conclusion would be surrounding my UK nursing registration: I still don't have it. Apparently processing will restart April 2. Fingers crossed.

5. Lastly, but not leastly, thanks for the 100 follows!

I admit, I did a little celebratory dance when I logged in again and saw the number. So I just wanted to give a little shout out of thanks to everybody who's followed me back on the various social media and in particular, my blog.

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