08 April 2013

A to Z Challenge: G is for Gabriel

Movie: Gabriel (2007)

Overall Raiting: 2.5 / 5

General Impression: I saw the trailer and I was intrigued because it had that sort of "The Crow" feeling to it. The star, Andy Whitfield (RIP), who was also the star of "Spartacus", did well in his role, but I though the story and the action left a lot to be desired. It was a budget supernatural and action movie and it showed. I was quite disappointed with the movie and would definitely NOT recommend this movie.

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  1. *sigh* Oh well, I guess not all can be winners.

  2. I didn't care for it either.

    Dropping in from A to Z Challenge. It's my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  3. I really like this movie too! My sons name is Gabriel... I might be a little partial as well. hehe
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests