06 May 2013

12 Things in 12 Weeks - Week 5

Apparently it's a long weekend in the UK. May Day or something. And then there's a second long weekend at the end of the month, which I'm more accustomed to, Queen Victoria Day? I'll probably still refer to it as "May Long". What I don't understand is why the UK hasn't spread out their long weekends over the summer, you know, when people actually want the time off?

The only pleasant part about a long weekend is that even though I'm staying home, by myself because my husband is gone for three months, is that the neighbours next door have left so I haven't heard them scold their children too often.

Yes, the walls are that thin.

1) Complete the A to Z Challenge


2) UK Driver's License

I applied for and got my Provisional License, the equivalent of a Learner's License in Canada. I seriously feel like I'm a teenager again.

I'm giving myself ten days to study the manual and then apply for the written test before I pay for a couple of driving lessons, then subsequently the driving test. Hopefully I can pull this off before my International License expires!

That ragged piece of paper? Yes, that is my actual IDP.

3) Novel outline for Hashtag Kissing Katie.

Ehm... yeah.

4) Run twice a week.

I'm not "running" per se, just really fast walking. I'm covering the distances I normally would have when I was able to run. Firstly, to keep up my leg strength and endurance, although nothing rivals running. Secondly to get my feet and legs accustomed to my newly adjusted orthotic insoles.

My legs do nothing but ache presently.

(As an aside, I've been using the Nike+Running app  to keep track of my "running". I'm there as The Capillary if anybody would like to be friends there.)

5) Take a multi-vitamin daily.

I've been very inconsistent this week. But today is the start of a new day!

6) TKD blue belt grading.

There is a grading in June. I'm waffling about this now, but I still have five or six weeks to prepare. Totally doable.

7) Post 5 chapters of #KK

See 3)

8) Tegan & Sara

Tickets? Check. Flights booked? Check. Counting down the days until June 11? Check.

(That would be 36 days if you're counting like me...)

9) Visit 4 more English Heritage Sites.

1. Farnham Castle Keep
2. Waverly Abbey
3. Silchester Roman Amphitheatre & Walls
4. ???

10) Read 2 more books

As I've mentioned before, I'm keeping track of my book goals via Good Reads. But I will mention that I have finished reading three books, all by Jane Austen. "Emma", "Northanger Abbey", and "Persuasion".

11) Write and post 2 more Chapters for Elisa's Thoughts.

[Shifty look...]

12) Goodreads Widget

With two tournaments coming up this month on top of everything else, I feel a bit daunted. But I have my long and short term goals in mind, I just need to focus on the day to day tasks and not let myself get overwhelmed.

I feel ready for a vacation already. Anybody else? Sun, sand, and sea? 

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