01 May 2013

BAM! Licensed

OMG, the A to Z Challenge is finally over! I say that with mixed feelings, but I'll get into that with a different blog post. Today, I want to finally talk about me getting liscensed as a Nurse in the UK, a major goal of mine since I moved to the UK nearly a year ago.

I mentioned last week I finally got registered, but it was a bit of a shock and I didn't know how to talk about it. I've been waiting a long time to get registered and I started this process in the fall of 2010 when I had to take the IELTS to prove I could speak English.

The process was halted for a time when my husband came to Canada for 9 months for his work. The process then resumed in February 2012. It was a lot of paperwork and waiting then but by June 2012 I thought I had everything together that I needed before I left. Leaving Canada was harder than I thought so I went into a bit of a slump which went a bit deeper when I was told there was a delay because there was some missing paperwork.

After re-contacting my old employer (not easy when you're several time zones apart) and getting that paperwork in I finally got work in October that I could proceed to the next step: completing the "protected learning" to get my registration. Based on my experience and qualifications I was except from supervised practice, but to find a nearby institution that would suit my situation was difficult.

Finally, finally I managed to get into Bournemouth University and complete their month long programme and send off more paperwork. In a world that works like clock work, I should have had my registration by Jan 18, 2013 the latest, however, through the grapevine I heard there was an unofficial audit of the registration process underway and thus delaying the process of the last bit of my application.

Officially, I heard about it by February and was informed they would resume processing by March. March rolled around and was informed the audit would last until April. April rolled around and I was half expecting to receive another notice about further delays. I didn't, and the contacts I had made in Bournemouth all posted about getting on the registrar in turn so I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

April 20th I received the following:

It has probably felt a lot longer than it was for me to get that. All I could think was "I can finally move on."

I don't know how this will affect my blogging and writing since it will be an enormous learning curve once I find work (yep, that will be the next hurdle), but I'm just going to enjoy my situation: I'm registered and I have options now.

Another little thanks to everyone that has encouraged and supported me, particularly to those who have listened to me whine a lot.