04 May 2013

MFP Updates and Others

Instead of providing a bombardment of completed goals tomorrow, I'll split up the posts into the 12 Things in 12 Weeks Until Summer Solstice and the rest here.

1) Update my profile on MyFitnessPal 

Went from Project Fat Boy to The Tae Kwon Do Cat. 

2) Link my social media on MyFitnessPal
Kind of ties into the above, I realize, but MFP is not set up to connect with social media like YouTube or even Blogger is. You can sync Twitter and FB so whatever you update on MFP will update on the aforementioned. I would have loved to put up little buttons or something, but I'll have to be satisfied with just putting up the links.

3) I have registered for the Welch Championships and CIMAC Open Kickboxing Tournament.
New goals not listed on my Master List. The opportunity to go to both has come up for this month and I decided to take it. My fitness still isn't where it should or could be because of my lack of running, but I'm going to worry more about that after the tournaments are finished.


4) Purchase Gold Shoes.
Best purchase for the summer IMHO.

Indeed it was in a thrift shop and look to be worn only a handful of times. Granted they're only "BOBS" and not official and authentic "TOMS", however, they were 3 pounds. I believe Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have said it best:

5) Add a picture to "About Me"
Don't look at me like that. I know it took a long time. I just wanted to get a good one, you know?

Well, a half decent one anyway.

6) Lastly, it's my mom's 60th birthday today. Sadly, I can't be in Canada to celebrate, but here's to wishing her a happy birthday and a happy celebration.

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