02 May 2013

Why So Windy?

England (and the UK) is such a treasure trove of history. I mentioned I had been at Farnham Castle Keep in my last update about the twelve goals I want to accomplish before the Summer Solstice, but finally I have some time to properly talk about it.

I posted one picture on my FB page but I wanted to properly show (if that's possible with a camera) what the Castle Keep was like.

The Mom cat standing where the draw bridge used to be
and in awe of how tall it is.

The other side of the picture above.

I didn't go down there... I couldn't even see the bottom.

Looking over where the drawbridge was. I don't even
know how the archers could shoot through there with
any accuracy.

View of the actual Castle which was attached to the keep via the drawbridge.

The front of the castle. Still in use if anybody's looking to get
married or host something special.

I'm noticing a trend with all of these Hill Forts, Castles, and Keeps: they've all been built on strategic locations that are windy. Granted, it was a matter of survival to be so strategic, on top of a hill to see enemies approaching and such, but why so windy?


  1. I've never visited a real castle before (unless you include White Castle restaurant :P)....looks awesome, though.

    1. I found this to be one of the more interesting ones. My other favourite so far has been "Old Sarum", close to Stonehenge.