12 July 2013

Missed the Solstice Pt 2


3. Novel outline for Hashtag Kissing Katie
Several months ago Stephanie Pawley challenged me to a novel challenge, to blog one chapter a week (or at least a 500 word snipped of a chapter written) for the past three months.

It happened for neither of us, sadly.

Other life events and obligations just ended up taking priority over starting a new project. I'm not as stressed or worried about not finishing this project (it barely got a start, to be fair) for various reasons, mostly because I enjoyed what I did when I didn't get around to writing, and I have a number of other projects I really have my heart set on finishing.

4. Run twice a week.
In my Week 5 update for this 12 Week Challenge I mentioned that running wasn't happening. I was just walking. It was improvement from a previous running update as I thought I'd have to scrap it entirely but the Walk to Run programme I had started also wasn't going according to plan. I was still getting an intense pain in my knee.

After Week 5 my TKD instructor referred me to an osteopath that he used and since then I've had great success with the walk to run programme. The husband cat has also been a great support, "running" next to me as I go through my walk to run programme. I know it's not very challenging for him but it's nice to have someone with you to talk to during the walking bit.

5. Take a multivitamin daily.
I started off really well with this and then at the halfway mark somehow fell off the wagon. For whatever reason I got in my head that swallowing a single multivitamin (and occasionally an iron tablet) was a pain in the ass and my good track record deteriorated. Rapidly.

I'm back on track again since I bought a bottle of chewable tablets. 

They're tasty!

6. Get my blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.
My grading occurred before the Solstice so this goal is technically complete. I found about a week after the Solstice whether or not I passed.

A level pass? Shocking. I messed up pretty badly on the theory. But I'll take it.  
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