28 July 2013

Missed the Solstice Pt 4


10. Read two more books.
In my Week 5 update I had mentioned I finished reading three books by Jane Austen, "Emma", "Northanger Abbey", and "Persuasion". I have also re-read "The Eye of the World" and "The Great Hunt" by Robert Jordon. I probably could have gotten away with just saying "read" because I don't really remember what happened in the books the first time I read them about 14 years ago.

Oh look, new covers too!

Don't I sound old.

Don't answer that.

Still, keeping track of all my books, those read and unread, via GoodReads.

11. Write 2 more chapters for Elisa's Thoughts.
Sadly, I have only posted one chapter update from the chapters I wrote for the previous group of goals and not written any more chapters... I seriously need to hunker down and finish this. Not that I'm solely motivated by this, but now that people are leaving nice reviews I feel some extra motivation to keep going with this.

I will finish this project.

Also, I made a playlist on my YouTube channel using the songs that inspire me throughout the project.

12. GoodReads Widget
Complete April 6, 2013

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