29 July 2013

Taking August Off Pt 1

Yes, I'm taking August off.

Not in the "I'm going to stop exercising" or "I'm going to stop blogging." or "I'm going to stop writing" sort of way. More like, "I'm not going to set any new goals for myself" sort of way. Busy being relative, but it's been a busy couple of months. Not busy as in "I don't have enough hours in the day" but busy being "mentally drained" and I need to recover.There have been a few life things that have left me a motivational sink hole, particularly pertaining to my job, career, and residency.

About sums it up.

Not that I want to detract from my successes in the last year, but after a year off work I'd like to start again. I had an interview at the beginning of May for a "Bank Nurse" position on a stroke rehab unit. This doesnt' resemble anything close to my idea of dream job, but I knew it was a place to start to gain experience and confidence for that dream job. Beginning of June I finally received more paperwork to fill out to start said job and it was completed promptly. Following completion I was given the impression that I potentially could have started working middle of June. Huzzah!

June came and went and I heard nothing positive. First, that I wasn't going to be starting, and second, my employers were still waiting on my references in Canada to come back. I heard this over and over again until about ten days ago when I called and a relatively new employee to the HR department told me my employer requires me to have up four years worth of references and I had given them only two: I missing years 2009 and from August 2012 to August 2013. I sighed at first, then wanted to bash my head against that desk, and then I wanted to bash the head of HR's head against a desk. It's one of those frustrating, bureaucratic, red tape moments where you want to throw a tantrum down the phone asking, "Why the EFF couldn't someone have told me this in JUNE?"


But! I kept my temper in check and thanked the woman for informing of this good news. I have since been chasing up people to be my references here in the UK and back in Canada. If there's one good thing about Facebook it's that you can keep in touch with people on a fairly low basis of commitment and I had a few former coworkers agree to write me a couple of references.

While I try to stay positive and patient throughout this prolonged period of transition, I feel like it's a good time to have a good complaining session. If you're going through something fraught with red tape and poor communication, leave me a comment. It's good to get things off your chest once in a while.

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