31 July 2013

Taking August Off Pt 3

This week I've covered the job situation and the career situation, today is my "I'm going to bitch about the shitty things in my life" day.

I don't really want to though.


Sure, I'm not eligible to get a visa of indefinite leave or my British Citizenship (although, everyone thinks I'm entitled to because I'm married to a British Citizen but there is no supporting evidence for this anywhere) for another four years. Sure I don't have a start date for my job and am still broke. Sure I can't join the army and be bad ass. But I have my husband. I have Taekwon-Do. I have writing. I have my family. I have my old and new friends.

These don't make up for having a lack of fulfilling career at the moment, I do have to remind myself that life is not all bad and as the saying goes:

It's easy for me to fall into the hole of "I wasted my time getting my nursing degree and being separated from my husband and now I can't even do anything." instead of thinking "Look at all the opportunities you've been given." The husband cat has been pretty awesome and supportive anything I have wanted to do, which should be a given but not many couples experience (in my experience). I have a great coach who has not only helped me start competing again, but has included me into the British Army TKD training where I have met some great people. He is even trying to open the door where I may have a chance of training with Warren Vice, who holds all sorts of National and International Titles. I have stumbled onto a Yoga instructor, Natalie Coleman, who is the most calm and even tempered person I have ever met. I have been given the opportunity to have more time to write (with varying results) and to travel (also with varying results).

So, back to this whole "Taking August Off" thing. I'm going to blog as regularly as I can and keep going with some of the unfinished goals I set out in the first half of the year. I'll give myself until September before I start breaking out a new set of goals. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I will start work next month and a lot of the pressure I'm putting on myself can be eased.

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Also, for those who don't know who Warren Vice is, he's the dude in the black and gold dobok. Don't worry, I just learned who he was a couple months ago.


  1. Sorry you're job is slow in coming. Most people I know complain because they have a job.
    Those citizenship/residency things can be so irritating! We're starting the Green Card process for my hubs on Friday. Even after 20 years of marriage, the process is amazing. I'm not looking forward to it.

    Keep your chin up and enjoy August!

    1. Good luck to your journey through the paperwork. I hope it goes smoothly!