06 August 2013

August Motivation - Burgers & Black Beans

For the last couple months my life hasn't really had a semblance of routine: my husband was gone for two months, weekends out of sync because of tournaments, I had a friend come visit for a week, I attended two week long training sessions, etc etc. This didn't resemble anything I had been doing before May or since July ended so I ended up sticking with food that I already knew how to make quickly and on the run.

New Recipe #8 - Black Bean Dip
In May my mom helped my Great-Aunt arrange to send a food processor from Germany to the UK because I was complaining at how expensive hummus is to buy. Do you think I've made hummus yet? No. Black bean dip. And it actually tasted pretty good.

New Recipe #9 - Homemade Burgers
I haven't really had any pangs of homesickness in the last couple months, until last week or so. My husband had a work BBQ and one of his supervisors was walking around with a solo cup goblet. He had just gotten back from visiting family in Canada and had purchased them at Bass Pro Shops just outside of Calgary.

I felt a bit nostalgic for my summers spent in Canada where my mom BBQ-ed just about every night. The burgers were 100% beef and when my mom had the notion, she made her own burgers with varied spices. I have tried finding a recipe to recreate these burgers and so far the burger recipe from BBC Food didn't make the cut. Granted, I was BBQ-ing out in the rain, but there's not reason the burgers should have fallen apart.

The hunt continues for the perfect beef burger recipe. Or pork. I eat all animals. I might pass on the rat and pigeon though...

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