05 August 2013

August Motivation - Cider

This may be a counter productive lifestyle habit and lifestyle. A lot of fitness blogs, magazines, and trainers basically abstain from any form of alcohol, or try to get you to drink the lightest form of a certain beverage. Although replacing tonic water with soda water in a G&T will make you want to abstain from drinking anyway.

Having problems with gluten I tend to avoid it and have replaced beer drinking with cider drinking. I still love my wine, however, sometimes when you're out with people who are all drinking pints of beer, such is the case 90% of the time in England, I don't want to be the lemon without a pint glass.


 Yes, I'm still subject to that sort of peer pressure. 

I've had several conversations with The Drunk Runner about how alcohol is part of our lifestyle and abstaining from it to lose weight is fine, but obviously the minute you reintroduce alcohol into your life you'll put the weight back on. For the average everyday person, learning to balance alcohol consumption with your workouts and the rest of your meals and an acceptance that weight loss will be slower needs to be given more weight than abstaining 100%. Why? Because it's not realistic where alcohol permeates large portions of our lives. Unless you weren't really a big drinker in the first place. Binge drinking though, is a whole 'nother ball game that I won't touch on in this blog post.

Try 100 Different Types of Cider
Before I moved I had a friend +Kelsey Meehan go to Australia and set a goal for herself to try 100 different kinds of beer. Not to steal her idea, but stealing her idea, I decided to challenge myself to drink 100 ciders. This was a fine goal last year before I decided to become an amateur athlete and train almost every night of the week.

When I started back into training my alcohol consumption dropped off rapidly because I was just so tired I'd go to bed straight away. I started having a glass or two of wine my nights "off" but I felt so dehydrated the next day at training that I kept any sort of alcohol consumption to weekends when I didn't really have to exert myself. And just one drink at that: the dehydration the next day just feels awful. So the progress on this goal has been quite slow but I'm up to number 45 on my FaceBook album and every weekend I get the chance to sip on another cider.

At this point, Magners Cider is still my favourite. We'll see if it stands up to the rest of the ciders I'll be trying.


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  1. Now this is interesting. I guess as long as you are happy with your choice then others will respect it too. Of course cider is more potent than lager so pints would have me rolling in the aisles!

    Actually, I don't actually like the taste of alcohol, so I am happy to drink soft drinks when others are on the pints. Also hubby likes that I'll be the driver with no arguments! :O)

    1. Alcohol is definitely an acquired taste, but there's quite a few "ciders" being made that taste a lot like sparkling fruit juices. It makes me skeptical of all fruit punches in the future.