02 August 2013

August Motivation - Running

If you've been with me this last year you'll have read about my ups and downs of trying to run. There have been a lot of set backs in the last twelve months that have left me feeling pretty down, particularly in relation to a goal I had made in May to run twice a week and I failed miserably. Not from lack of trying, mind you, but my body just being misshapen and compensating for the misshape.

Run Twice A Week
It's a goal that I'm not giving up on, even though I didn't accomplish it on my first attempt. I'm nearly finished the third week of my walk to run programme and I'm able to run longer and longer distances according to the programme and runs over and above the programme.

 Yes, I have been jumping for joy every time I complete a run and not feel like I'm a cripple when I get home. I'm going to keep this up.

Tracking My Runs, Run More This Month Than I Did This Month Last Year
I use the Nike+Running app for my iPhone and iPod and have been tracking my runs that way for the last two years. It's sad looking back that far and knowing I was unfit but still ran more than I do now. But I feel good about not having quit and that I've been able to stay active in other ways in spite of my misshapen knee.

Since I haven't gone for a run yet in August, I'll use July stats. In 2012 I ran a total of 27.7 miles or 44.5 km and this July past I "ran" a total of 18 miles or 28.9km.

Tracking My Runs, Run More This Month Than I Did Last Month 
I could let the above July 2012/2013 stats bum me out, but I won't because June 2013 I "ran" a total of 5.3 miles or 8.5 km whereas I "ran" the 18 miles in July. A vast improvement and I'm on the right track to even better than. It might be hard to beat 18 miles this August but I'm hoping that if I can run at least 18 miles then I beat August 2012's 15.8 mi or 25.4 km, without really trying. 

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