05 March 2014

Thoughts on Sochi 2014 Pt 2: It's Not Over Until It's Over

 My absolute favourite moment, as a Canadian and particularly as a woman, was watching the Women's Hockey final between Canada and USA. Up until this point, trying to watch Olympic hockey had been frustrating as the BBC failed to broadcast/cover Canada's matches in favour of other events. It's my opinion that hockey is a tad more exciting than watching tea tray racing or sliding across 10+ km of snow. I digress. My point is that the Canadian Women's hockey team made it to the final and I just really wanted to ask the BBC, "What made you think that this wasn't the team to follow?"

So yes, oh em gee, I was excited when the final FINALLY was broadcasted. And double-you tee eff, what a GAME. If you watched the game, you'd know, if you can watch the game, or at least the highlights online, you can get an idea. The outcome for Team Canada looked dismal for this game, ending their winning streak that went back to the 2002 Olympics. But after 56 minutes and some seconds of running game time Canada finally scored a goal, and with LESS THAN ONE MINUTE of game time Canada TIED the final. AND THEN, Canada scored a goal to win the game in overtime.

Players and spectators alike didn't know what hit them. But this moment is going down in hockey history, not just women's sports history, and exemplary of the motto "Anything can happen."

When I met my Spitfire Taekwondo coach Mark, one of the first lessons I ever got from him was "The game's not over until it's over." Meaning, until that timer has stopped, you're still playing, and you still have a chance to make your mark. If you think you have lost after your opponents scores the first point, then you have, and if you think you've won because you've scored first, then you could be in for a surprise. It's something I've taken on board over the last year but it never hit home until I watched this game.

The following day was the men's Olympic hockey match between USA and Canada, and while it was a semi-final according to the schedule, it may as well have  been a final for all the rivalry that was involved. Canada ended up scoring the first and only goal of the game, but they had to fight to hold tight to that lead. Everybody had in their mind of what the Canada women's hockey team managed to achieve while they were TWO points down, so everybody on that ice was aware that if one hockey team could pull that off, then ANY team could pull off that sort of feat.

I think it was a testament to the Canadian men as well that they didn't let their win over USA cloud their focus when they played Sweden on the last day of Sochi 2014. Team Canada was confident but knew not to underestimate a team that had also earned its place to be in the final. It's safe to say the Canada Women's hockey team really drove home that it's not over until it's over.

Did you watch the Sochi 2014 Olympics? Any favourite moments?

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