27 June 2014

Book Review: Kaleidoscope World

 "Kaleidoscope World" is by Croatian author Tomica Scavina. I received a copy from the author herself as an ebook for free. It's her only book that has been translated to English and when I read the description of the book of a troubled woman in search of her past and some stability I was intrigued.

The first fifty pages were a bit hard to get into as the plot dragged considerably and the author kept flipping back and forth between the protagonist's, Dahlia's, past and present. The flow of the writing didn't feel quite right and I wonder if something wasn't lost in translation as the dialogue was really rough of English speaking people, the dialogue of the Spanish people speaking English was too fluent, and the syntax and structure of the sentences felt awkward.

There were other aspects of Dahlia's journey that were presented by the author that I wasn't keen on either: there was a lot of telling and not enough showing. I felt that too often Dahlia's therapist spelled things out and supplied all the answers at convenient moments in Dahlia's thought process. From my understanding a therapist is supposed to guide a patient to self-actualization, not put ALL the pieces together for a patient.

When the pseudo-science of out of body experiences, other dimensions, discussions of reality, secret societies, and breaking the fourth wall started happening I couldn't take the novel seriously anymore. To me, it over shadowed the real plot of Dahlia remembering her childhood and growing as a person.

Overall I just really struggled to connect with the protagonist. Perhaps the potential of this being a great story was overshadowed by the translation but I can't say I would recommend it to anyone.

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