01 July 2014

Canada Day in the UK


Yes! It's Canada Day!

And... I'm not celebrating.

With moving to another country, sadly your own country's national day is not a "bank holiday". Even if it is part of the common wealth. The Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square that Clifford and I attended last year have also been scrapped.

So what's a Canadian living outside of London to do? The thoughts of a BBQ or pancake supper did cross my mind but the indulgence doesn't fall in line with my "cheat day". I went to the gym sporting one of my black Canada Olympic shirts and following a post-workout shower have put on a red and white Canada shirt while listening to Danko Jones and Our Lady Peace. It's about as patriotic as I can be at the moment.

I'm not unhappy at this moment living in the UK: I feel like I'm finally finding my feet after all. But deep down, I'm still Canadian: I still look at the world with Canadian eyes, hold Canadian values, and there are still moments in my life where it's painfully obvious that I'm not from the UK. Some days it can feel quite lonely, being the only Canadian in my most prevalent circles, and I still get a little home sick.

Today is one of those days. For British people it's just another day of the week (a Tuesday no less) and for me it's Canada Day, but a Canada Day with no pancakes, all day champagne brunches, BBQ's, beer, all day concerts, sandflies, fireworks and fellow Canadians (family and friends). It's anticlimactic and makes me wonder if I'm not losing my Canadian-ness because I didn't make more of an effort.

But that's nonsense.

I am Canadian and you can't take the country out of the girl.

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  1. Too true, I'm Canadian now, but was born American. The roots stay with you no matter where you go. You become a blend of what you were then and what you are now. That's a good thing. The more we see of the world, the more compassion we may have for others. Happy Canada Day!!