15 January 2015

Dutch Open Training In Full Swing

The 42nd Lotto Dutch Open has been described to me as one of the biggest and the best Olympic Taekwondo competitions. Apparently every European National team will be there, along with competitors who hope to be on those National teams one day.

And then there's me.
I'm not sure there's a way to describe how I see myself in this competition, or in this competition circuit. I'm simultaneously too old and not old at all, fitter than I've ever been in my life and not fit enough, have never been more confident and too scared to take risks. I don't doubt my coach when he tells me that I have the potential and ability to compete at this level, but I feel easily intimidated by all those other competitors who have been doing this TKD their entire life or by those that are determined to create a road to the Olympics.

Ryan asked me after the first official training day how I felt about committing to the Dutch Open. I said I was terrified, for the reasons above. Ryan tried to put the competition into perspective for me and said "You're not going to die, no one's going to kill you." I know this, but I think it was too early days for me to feel confident about what I'm doing.

Two weeks into the month and the group of us have drilled techniques and sparred, drilled techniques and sparred, and oh em gee: I thought I was pretty fit but not where sparring is concerned. I barely make it through a full game without feeling like death.

So I've started to run again. Regularly.

Ok, so 3 out of 3 planned runs isn't exactly a habit or anything regular, but it is a major commitment on my behalf because I actually hate running.

Like, really hate.
I even asked Angus if he could set up a Nike+ challenge to help motivate me. Because I am that committed.

Let's not talk about how everybody else's mileage nearly demotivated me.
All in all, I am trying to enjoy the process. Not see the silver lining, but be grateful that I have the opportunity to compete at a level I never thought possible. And since starting up a GoFundMe campaign for me and my team I've been blown away by the support I've received from my family and friends. They've been so generous in contributing funds that in the first week Team Predator has more than half of the money needed to make this competition happen.

In the FIRST WEEK, I repeat.

I've felt unbelievably overwhelmed by not only their generosity, but their belief in me. So I just wanted to express my appreciation once more to everyone that has donated, shared our GoFundMe page on FB, Twitter, etc so far for me and my team, and ask that everyone please continue to show support for us.

Predator No 1.

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